Halloween and Successful Internet Marketing

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So Halloween and Internet Marketing don’t naturally fit together, but using my Beth Creativity I have actually created some of my own Halloween analogies to help you explore being a successful internet marketer.

But first here is a video on the history of Halloween

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Trick Or Treat

If you are fortunate enough to be considered a successful internet marketer, you will (no doubt) have had your fair share of failures, hurdles and sleepless nights wondering how you were ever going to make it.

When people first stumble online with the hope of making their fortune, they will be greeted with a decision of either becoming an authentic internet marketer who will stop at nothing to help others be a success; or you will decide to be something of a cut throat marketer with no intention of helping others.

So which internet marketer have you chosen to be? Will you trick people into joining your business, will you trick people on to your email list, will you trick people with false promises and underhand marketing techniques?  Or will you treat your followers to real authenticity? Will you treat people to your kind nature, stopping at nothing to help others become a success.

Hiding Behind a Mask

My biggest piece of advice to anyone building their business online, is to be totally transparent, authentic and real.  Whilst it may be easy to fool those who have only just met you that you are something that you are not, the biggest fool of all will be yourself.

Sometimes we have fears because we feel that we will not be accepted. Let me tell you this.  The online world is so vast, that there will always be other people just like you, who are likeminded and resonate with you.  Don’t be afraid of what other people think.  Be strong, stay focused and be thankful for who you are and what you have to offer.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Halloween is Scary (and so is Business!)

Anyone that tells you Internet marketing is easy hasn’t told you everything.  Yes anything is possible if you work hard enough.  But a large majority of people will quit before they even get started.  The truth is Business is scary..it’s supposed to make you sweat, lose sleep, work hard, it’s supposed to put hurdles in front of you.

But if you are willing to put in the hard work…and never give up, the scariness will eventually turn into success.

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Special Halloween Message

Happy Halloween Guys

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9 Responses to “Halloween and Successful Internet Marketing”

  1. Steven Suchar Says:

    Hi Beth!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…I love Beth Creativity. :)

    What an excellent comparison you have conjured up here. Sometimes we need to meet what frightens us…let the emotions PASS THROUGH our being & feel a heightened sense of self mastery afterward!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

    PS…precious video!
    Steven Suchar´s last blog ..Secret Strategies To Conquering Self Doubt Revealed!!My ComLuv Profile


  2. Sherman Smith Says:

    Hey Beth,

    This was a great video and I like the fact how you made it analogous to being real and genuine as a network/internet marketer.

    This is one blog that everyone in the industry should read. There’s the true network marketers and there are those that try to put up a big front. This post will definitely have people check themselves.

    Have a great week!

    Sherman Smith´s last blog ..AWEBER – HOW YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS CAN BENEFIT FROM ITMy ComLuv Profile


  3. Vikki Says:

    That was great Beth! Loved the video of your daughter, so cute! :D Halloween is just like an MLM business.
    Vikki´s last blog ..Week 5- PSSST! I Got CONNECTIONS- Do YouMy ComLuv Profile


  4. Tristram Lodge Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Great post. You know sometime we have to do what scares us most to move forward in our business. I find that the thing that you least like doing or are scared of doing is actually OK oince you get started.

    Love all the halloween stuff.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge´s last blog ..New Twitter Followers Welcome GuideMy ComLuv Profile


    Beth Hewitt Reply:

    Thanks Tristram,

    I agree and glad you liked the Halloween stuff…might have some bonfire night stuff coming next who knows lol.

    Beth Hewitt´s last blog ..Halloween and Successful Internet MarketingMy ComLuv Profile


  5. Kareem Williams Says:

    You are an inspiration Beth, keep it coming please because we need it for real. I love the video by the way
    Kareem Williams´s last blog ..Best MLM Company-Things To Look For Series-Featuring Jeffery CombsMy ComLuv Profile


  6. Angela Arnold Says:

    Wow! You have outdone yourself here, Beth. Great post and very informative. Awesome video, and thanks for reminding us about hiding behind a mask. Take care.
    Angela Arnold´s last blog ..Professional Development Can Help Brand You as an ExpertMy ComLuv Profile


  7. Adam Sheck Says:

    I LOVE your metaphor of “trick or treat” in marketing success! Yes, I agree, being authentic and transparent is the way to go for sure. We are building relationships, so if our clients feel “tricked” we will certainly never get on-going business from them. AND, they probably won’t be able to use what information we do provide to get the results they want either.
    Thanks for a great, honest post,
    Adam Sheck´s last blog ..Do You REALLY Want A Better RelationshipMy ComLuv Profile


  8. Beth Allen Says:

    Beth Creativity for sure! I love this post. Not only do we get an absolutely adorable video of your daughter, but a great analogy for internet marketing. There are definitely a lot of hooligan tricksters out there, but in the end, those that dish out the treats will always live the extraodinary lives!

    Thanks for the inspiration and the smile you brought to my face. :)
    Beth Allen´s last blog ..Never Complain- Never ExplainMy ComLuv Profile


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