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Blog for Profit
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Whether you have been blogging for a while or you are just starting out.  You will probably have been of the opinion, that you if you want to make a buck or two online then you are going to need to have a blog.

Whilst this is true, blogging in itself can take time to build up any kind of regular profit.  Watch this great video,  from my guest blogger David Merrill as he explains how the whole principal of blogging, building a list and profiting from it, is based on building strong relationships with others. Regardless of your niche.


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Hope you enjoyed this guest blog post, remember if you would like to become a guest blogger at bethhewittonline simply get in touch.

Yours In Success,

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11 Responses to “Blog for Profit”

  1. The GREAT Edward Says:

    Thanks Beth & David for sharing this oh so important message with us.
    Most people have no clue how to build a list and use that list to have success in their business.

    Keep your dreams alive!
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    The GREAT Edward!
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  2. Phil Jackson Says:

    Thanks for the great post Beth. This is absolutely vital information to beginners or even folks who have wondered how money can be made online. Thinking back two years ago when I first started online, this would have been fantastic for me to understand. Internet marketing is a great pursuit. I love it.


  3. Curt Bizelli Says:

    Hey Beth, excellent post. The video was too quiet for me to hear, but I have some value to contribute to this topic. I suggest picking your affiliate partners before you begin instead of being like me and trying to go back in and plugin the affiliate ads after you’ve done written 200 blog posts. LOL. A great wordpress plugin that I’ve found (that as a matter of fact also increased my page rank overnight) is “Automatic SEO Links” … Thanks again for providing great value to The Daily Crushers, TSA, and to the WORLD! God Bless, CBiz
    Curt Bizelli´s last [type] ..Facebook – Have you noticed that you are only seeing updates in your newsfeed from the same people lately


  4. Steve-Personal Success Factors Says:

    I’ve been in the blogging world for quite a while, but it took me this long to start figuring out the whole concept which you model so well on this blog, and which Dave teaches so well on the video. Value for your customers first, then monetizing. Pat Flynn, from Smart Passive Income Blog, gives away all free information in his emails. It’s interesting: he never sells, yet the emails serve to keep his list coming back to his blog, which is where he shares his affiliate links in an up front and honest wayk which is how he makes his money.
    Steve-Personal Success Factors´s last [type] ..Do You Make These Mistakes On Your Quest for Luck


  5. Donna Merrill Says:

    Hey Beth, fancy meeting David here :) Your guest blogging is a smashing success. It does alleviate the pressure of posting every week. Job well done! As for David, putting my bias aside, he has been a mentor to me in this field. I’m riding his coat-tails in this area.
    Thanks again,
    Donna Merrill


  6. marquita herald Says:

    Enjoyed the post Beth, and have been a fan of David’s for awhile now. I agree about the power of guest blogging, though I haven’t personally had the time until recently to devote to doing it “right” I can say that’s my priority for the month of June - really excited about it!
    marquita herald´s last [type] ..Making a Difference- Tunes 4 the Troops


  7. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    David NAILS the correct sequence that so many in small and network based marketing businesses SKIP. They get their blog up, write some stuff and act as though the money is going to magically show up! By following the correct sequence that David lays out you will over time make a consistent, solid income that is proven time after time! Thanks for the great pointers David!
    Kimberly Castleberry´s last [type] ..The Best WordPress Plugin Is About To Get Better – Introducing Commentluv 29 Free


  8. Jessica Brant Says:

    Hello Beth,

    This is my first time to your site via Blogplicity…. Great information thank you…
    Jessica Brant´s last [type] ..This Moment in Time 052711


  9. Patrick McIntosh Says:

    Good tips. Steer people in the direction that you want them to go. Offer a product that you know is beneficial. Giving people value is what matters. The $ will follow.
    Great guest, Beth!
    Patrick McIntosh´s last [type] ..Squaw Valley Sorta Secret Chute 75


  10. Steven Suchar from Says:

    Hi Beth!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…I love your opt-in video. :)

    Guest Blogging is a fantastic strategy for kicking up the social
    credibility of both the guest & you, the Blog owner…nicely done.

    In addition, David’s tips are the essentials of list building & video
    makes it real.

    I loved it!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar
    Steven Suchar @´s last [type] ..My 100 Day Biz Builder Champion Challenge StevenSucharcom


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thanks Steven,

    I appreciate you heading back here and leaving a comment. Guest blogging has so many advantages, let alone taking the pressure of Moi to work on some other areas.

    Beth :)


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