Are you a Change Optimist?

Wed, Jan 6, 2010

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As we come to the end of the first week of 2010, I wanted to really concentrate on the concept of CHANGE and what makes some people more successful at change than others. We will all be aware of people, including ourselves that will have set new years resolutions and goals to achieve but how many of us will really be successful?

If you think about it. Change is affecting all of us, all of the time. You may be starting a new job, ending a relationship, you may be actively making changes for yourself, starting a new venture, trying a new hobby, or you may be helping someone else go through their own transitional period.

And whilst we have a long list of change on our ‘change resume’ - we may still feel scared, confused, alone when we go through a new period of change. On the other hand, some people go through change intuitively, naturally and calm, they are rational and seem to just flow from one horizon to the next and we call these people ‘Change Optimists.’

But before I explain some of the main principles which can help you become more successful to change, I would like to encourage you to write down your own ‘Change Resume’. What changes have you been through in your life which at the time seemed really hard but which you came out the other side just fine. You might have split from a partner, lost a loved one, been in debt, graduated, bought a house, had a baby, got a new job.

And when you have written your list, take 5 minutes to really pat yourself on the back and give yourself some credit, because we all go through change all the time, but we rarely congratulate ourselves for what we have been able to achieve.

Now if you want to get successful at change I would like you to consider these 9 Key Principles. Ariane de Bonvoisin in her book the first 30 days writes how to make change easy. She also has a website here where she explains the principles in more detail.

Principle 1 - Change Optimists
People who navigate change successfully will be intrinsically positive that they will be a success. Change Optimists see no barriers. Whether the barriers are physical or abstract manisfestations of the mind.

Principle 2 - The Change Guarantee
For me, this is the most important principle to be good at change. Whenever change happens, whether it is thrust upon us or we are actively trying to change to achieve a goal in life. Change Optimists will just go through the transition, trusting that whatever the outcome, it is happening for a reason. So for example, someone that has maybe just lost their job and who is also a change optimist will just accept and trust in the universe that this was supposed to happen.

We have all heard the saying every cloud has a silver lining! or as one door closes another one opens. The key is not to always look for new horizons but to see the horizons in front of us with NEW eyes.

Principle 3 - The Change Muscle
This come back to the list or your change resume that I asked you do a moment a go. You are much stronger, much smarter, and much more intuitive than you have ever been told. You are more resilient and more powerful. Once you truly know and believe this, you will be able to get through any change- even the hardest one you can imagine.

You already have a collection of change stored inside you, that you can draw strength from when times seem tough.

Principle 4 - Change Demons
The term Change Demons refers to all those negative emotions that get in the way when our guard is down. Demons such as ‘fear, blame, doubt, shame, guilt’ - These are natural feelings that make us human, but by being positive and more conscious to our emotions we can change these demons to emotions such as, ‘can do, trust, faith, embrace,’ Negative emotions can stall us, making change harder, while the positive ones can help us move through a change in a simpler, quicker, and more conscious way.

Principle 5 - The Gift of Acceptance

This is simply learning to flow with lifes path, learning to go with the flow, instead of clinging to the old and familiar. People who learn to accept change quickly will get though change much easier and with less resistance.

Principle 6 - Change Control
Change is going to happen to us all whether we are happy about it or not. But there are certain parts of our human make-up that we can always control. This includes our language, the words we use to describe an experience. Or the questions we ask to empower ourselves. Being able to control our thoughts is one of the most powerful elements to being truely positive and successful.

Principle 7 - Connecting with your Spiritual Side
People who are naturally good at change also believe that they are part of something far geater than themselves. They are people who can connect to something deep inside, the soul. By connecting to your soul, God or Allah you will be able to make change happen in a much more positive and empowering way.

Principle 8 - Your Support Team
People that are good at change, will reach out to likeminded people, who are going through the same thing, or trying to achieve the same goals. They will connect with people in groups, online, in forums, through social media, through blogs and they will draw strength from getting through change collectively. Successful change optimists will find people with the same beliefs and values, or with people that have the skills and knowledge they need to also be successful.

Principle 9 - Taking Action
People who successfully navigate change will take action. They will have a plan and know where they want to go.

Actions come in many forms. Some are big and obvious; some are so small you may think they are irrelevant. But any good action you take is a choice to move forward. Doing actions little and often will always take you forward positively through change.

I really hope you liked my first post and I hope that you can resonate with what I am saying. I would welcome you to comment on this post and connect with me and add your self to me google friends connect!!!

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15 Responses to “Are you a Change Optimist?”

  1. Ross Joyner Says:

    Beth :) Very strong start, is very well written and very clean. Seems like your an old pro… I will stop back from time to time to see what you have written.
    The search engines like to see at least three posts per week in new content.
    I love the color set and how you set it up. Finish your back pages and expect great things. There are many ways to monetize your site which you should do a little at a time. Welcome to the Blogisphere :-)

    Ross Joyner
    Blogging for Dollars
    PS If you have any questions Please post them on our fan page. I will be happy to respond. . .


  2. J. Scott Key Says:

    Great post Beth. Change is inevitable so how we handle it helps determine the outcome! People can learn a lot from this blog.


  3. jean Says:

    this is very informative Beth,
    great post and very inspiring,
    jean´s last blog ..‘Becoming Part of a Tribe’ My ComLuv Profile


  4. Beth Allen Says:

    Very thorough post on the success principles of change. An important message to get out ~ because change is indeed inevitable! The greatest irony of change is that it is really the one true CONSTANT in life! :)

    Congrats on launching your blog ~ it looks great and I love the purple. Purple is my color ~ once again I think we’re destined to be great friends! ;)

    I look forward to more post from you, thanks Beth!
    Beth Allen´s last blog ..Day 9 ~ Change Your Life in 100 Days! My ComLuv Profile


  5. Jan Hill Says:

    Beth, Change is so hard - thanks for the information - these are all great tips!
    Jan Hill´s last blog ..5 Tips to get your Business Fan Page Noticed My ComLuv Profile


  6. Gail Kingston Says:

    Great site and first post. Look forward to seeing more informative articles.


  7. Gail Kingston Says:

    Great post and blog. Look forward to next post.


  8. Johneal Rouse Says:

    Great thoughts and post on Change Beth!, Change is part and parcel of our existence whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Why not embrace it….and make the most of it by developing those Change muscles indeed!!
    Great tips..
    Johneal Rouse´s last blog ..Become more effective with your Network Marketing and manage your Time better – Free Hypnosis Session My ComLuv Profile


  9. Teresa Ivory Says:

    Funny how we welcome change we think is good and resist change we have a problem with! Even good change can be stressful though.

    Thanks for sharing these principles. It’s always nice to have some sort of guide while examining your problems - and it’s continuous work if you’re really into self-improvement!


  10. Lori Robertson Says:

    Beth, you are so right when you first go through the change especially the unwanted one those change demons slip in and really throw you for a loop. I have found connecting to my spiritual side and like-minded people help me adapt to the changes more quickly than me going through it alone.
    Thanks great post.


  11. Corey Ellis Says:

    Beth, this is definetly a post I will bookmark. So much valuable information. Change is a complex topic, change for one may not be change for others, and how to manage and deal with change is so different for people. I had did some management training on how to handle change, etc. and you brought out some of the same guiding principles that they mentioned. But you didn’t charge 1000’s of dollars — LOL.

    Great Post


    Beth Hewitt Reply:

    Hmm, maybe I should have charged lol…always a pleasure to help!


  12. Coach Freddie Says:

    Hey Beth,
    Love your post. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And my last post was about taking action.

    Coach Freddie
    Coach Freddie´s last blog ..In Every Success Story I Always Hear These 3 Things My ComLuv Profile


  13. Dr. Erica Goodstone Says:

    Beth, I am a change optimist although sometimes before embarking on the course which might create the change I can be a bit reticent, procrastinate and do everything else instead of focusing on what I really want to do. But once I get started, at least for awhile, there’s no stopping me.


  14. Gerald Gigerl Says:

    Hey Beth,

    thanks for creating such an excellent post for us. We all permanently experience enormous changes that can be positive or negative.

    I believe that when we KNOW our direction in live it will be LESS likely to go through negative periods.

    Negative exeriences are mostly the outcome of unoriented periods that weren´t considered good enough.

    Have a good day,

    Gerald Gigerl´s last blog ..The Unified Tribe Review – Social Media Expsoure By Up To 500My ComLuv Profile


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