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How to get free CSGO cases

Everyone can open free CS:GO cases now. In this category we have collected for you sites with free CS:GO cases, where you can open one or more cases for free. Some sites require promo codes, which, of course, we have posted for you to each site. But some sites do not require any promo codes and you can open a case immediately after logging in to the site. After opening a case you will get a random item or a skin, which you can then withdraw or sell for real money. Good luck to all!

Method #1: Random Drop

The first method is good because it allows you to get cases and weapons for playing on official Valve servers or after a ranked match. In order to get the items, you need to devote quite a lot of free time to CS:GO. If a gamer enjoys playing for a long time, this method will be a great option to free open case or skins. The main disadvantages of the method - spending a lot of time as roulette CS GO requires a large percentage of luck. There is no system for calculating drops or a proven scheme. Can be lucky and the case will fall out three games in a row, or none at all.

Method #2: idle servers

There are special idle servers (unofficial) to get a random drop without having to be at a personal computer. In other words, drop items will happen without the need to play. The server works on this principle:

  • Filled with users or bots, increasing the chance of drop, due to the large number of players;
  • Reduced round time saves time compared to a normal match;
  • Due to the large amount of time spent on the server, the chance of dropping items increases, as it happens in CS GO roulette when the betting is high.

Since it is not necessary to do anything on them, you can minimize the game and go about your business. And the minimum consumption of resources PC shooter even use the computer in parallel with the application. To use this method will need to be in the list of community servers to find "idle" and choose your favorite. Then go in and just stand and after a while enjoy free items.

Way number 3: roulette CS GO

The principle of the game is simple: you put a certain amount of things, providing yourself a percentage of the fallout. The higher the bet, the higher the percentage. However, sometimes random rolls happen to the player who bet a small amount. So, CS GO Roulette can be a great start to add to your inventory with minimal investment.You can decorate your weapon in CS GO without much money and even for free , if you have enough patience and ingenuity.

Multicolored balloons for any parties

 Multicolored balloons can be a fun and inexpensive way to thank a child, colleague, or friend. It does not have to be a party for birthdays it can be used as a sign of attention or to raise your spirits. Monochrome multicolored pastel balloons are a source of joy, warmth and comfort. Because of purple balloon, every celebration becomes brighter and merrier. The wide range of about 30 shades and colors allows you to choose colorful balloons made of helium for any event. The flight time of balloons can range from to 5-7 days, contingent on the conditions in the environment, meaning you have more than enough time to have fun with their flight. For kids, we have several options. For those who are older, we provide extreme and fascinating combinations. It can be white and black as well as pink and lilac black and purple and on. There are many possibilities for the imagination.

Buy multicolored balloons

 Multicolored balloons with Helium are often purchased for young kids, and combinations of three colors are for adults. The reason behind this is very simple. Children because of their age do not be awed by balloons that have writing on them. They just want colored balloons. This in itself causes delight at the thought that we can pull it, take it to the ground, and play. Practice shows that the mere presence of balloons with colors is a reason to celebrate a holiday. Teenagers receive a mix of balloons that are colored, instilling on them a certain sense, choosing them to decorate an area in which they will celebrate the occasion, a dress, a photoshoot and many more different variations.

 Colored balloons for boys and man

Boys have always loved the color blue and blue, along with their shades. For them to make a beautiful cloud in these shades will not be difficult, but you can also include white. For males the helium multicolored balloons are selected as "adult", black with white, red.

Colored balloons for a girl and a woman

 The most beautiful part of humanity is committed to soft tones: pink, yellow, lilac, lettuce. The set will be summery soft, warm and gentle, combine, you have plenty of options to choose from!

Balloons with a variety of colors are perfect to celebrate any occasion

Multicolored balloons are a great way to decorate the space in a cafe to celebrate a birthday or any other occasion. They are also a great way to decorate kids' bedrooms and make your child feel happy. The fact is, all children are enthralled by the balloons filled with helium that seem to be floating in the air under the roof of their room.

The use of bright colored balloons in many ways:

  • as a room decor;
  • by creating a colorful, massive composition. It can be presented to children, girlfriends at a bachelorette party, or even a maternity leave
  •  the bright composition could be used as a photo location - photos are sure to be memorable and entertaining.

 Helium balloons are made of durable material, and therefore they are not able to let air in for long periods of time. The material itself is very beautiful, bright, and durable. These are balloons for all occasions that can be used at all times to any occasion and for almost any person whether young or old.

SEO optimization for an online store: why and how to do it?

The success of online sales largely depends on the ranking of sites in Internet search engines. E-commerce SEO services for online stores is a set of actions aimed at improving the position of a resource in search engines, it is used to eliminate technical errors in the pages, negatively affecting the indexing in search results.

E-commerce SEO optimization benefits

Today SEO is one of the best marketing investments available for businesses of all levels. This mechanism of search engine optimization allows you to capture the potential client in the so-called marketing funnel, which is both a tool and a concept that helps in sales management. Experts often distinguish a different number of stages of movement through the funnel, but in general they could be divided into three segments: attention, desire, action.

SEO promotion is necessary to improve the visibility of your website in the network and, accordingly, to attract potential customers. Thus, with the help of online store optimization, the customer gets involved in the funnel.

In addition to directly attracting the audience to the site, SEO allows:

  • Increase audience trust. People trust companies that rank high in the search engine. This is a psychological fact that must be taken into account, since it is trust that largely determines whether a potential customer becomes a real customer.
  • Save the advertising budget. The degree of effectiveness of SEO promotion is comparable to the effectiveness of expensive media advertising and costs much cheaper.
  • Obtain a stable result. The effect of optimization has a long-term perspective because the traffic after its implementation can be maintained for a long time, while the mainstream of advertising leaves after its termination.
  • Attract the target audience. SEO e commerce optimization takes into account the wording of search queries, so people coming to your site are usually interested in the product offered.

Stages of Search Engine Optimization

Before the start of optimization, market research, analysis of competitors and an audit of the site. Here they study the data of analytical services, assess these positions in search engines, its structure and conducted a detailed analysis, that is checking the parameters of the site, which are important for its promotion in the network. The list of parameters varies and depends on the type of site, its purpose and objectives, as well as the company providing the service.

Based on all the data obtained, a technical specification with recommendations for improving the resource. If the requirements are met after a competent audit, your online resource should not only hold the existing traffic but also to attract new users.

Search for keywords

SEO promotion of an online store starts with the definition of keywords, that is, those words that users often enter in the search box when looking for a desired product or service. To do this, you can use the search engine itself, paying attention to the autocomplete function.

At the bottom you can also see similar queries:

In addition, there are special services and professional tools to search for keywords.

The correctness of the selected keys is characterized by their relation to the following characteristics:

  • Frequency. Higher frequency of queries, more traffic.
  • Competitiveness. Lower competition for the word increases the likelihood of ranking for that key.
  • Relevance. The relevance of the products or categories presented on the page with the key.
  • Target. It is recommended to use keywords that indicate the commercial purpose of the site.

Creating the structure of the site

The site should be adapted for search engines, as well as for the user. The structure tends to become more complex as the store grows, so it is useful to build everything competently from the very beginning.

It's important to keep the structure simple and still have the potential to scale. Note that the fewer clicks separating each page from the main page, the better. 

The optimal structure should have the following:

  • Logic. Goods should be placed intuitively and very simply.
  • Shallow directories. Enough of 2-3 levels of nesting.
  • Clear names. Try not to use highly specialized terms.

SEO optimization of pages

After finding the keywords, structuring, and staffing the site, you need to optimize the pages. Below we will present you with some effective tips.

How to Get Your Energy Back?


Asthenia - this is the name of the condition that we all so dislike. This is not the fatigue that will pass, it will not go away after a day of rest. This is not a lack of motivation when it is necessary to switch to something else, your energy will not come back. This is a state in which there is no strength for even the most beloved of affairs and no rest can improve this state of body and mind. Visit Best Single gemini women from Ukraine for dating.

Visit a Doctor

All people encounter asthenia at least once in their lives. And if it does not pass after a rest, the normalization of nutrition and lifestyle, it's time to start looking for the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon, despite the fact that it may be quite hard to do. First, it is necessary to exclude somatic (physiological) causes. To do this, we must first see a therapist, explain our condition and ask to schedule an examination. These will be standard tests plus hormonal status check-ups, and, depending on your medical history, there may be tests for autoimmune, inflammatory, and infectious diseases.

Things You Need

If all tests are normal or you have undergone a prescribed treatment, and the condition has not improved, we must move on. Carefully study your schedule: is there a time for rest among all of the duties that you have? Not the mandatory rest, like going on a family vacation that is more about your children than yourself, but your personal rest in a format that you want? What is the "I need" and "I want" ratio in your schedule? Is there any “I want” at all? Start writing a list of things that you need to provide for your children and family (existing or hypothetical): love, acceptance, healthy nutrition, the ability to develop, control and reasonable restrictions, harmonious physical development, continue on this list yourself. Get back reading this article only after this step was completed.

Green, Yellow, Red

Now take a green marker and highlight the things that you perform for yourself. Now - now with a red marker – highlight the things the importance of which you understand, but you don’t have the time to complete them. Done? Let's continue: with a yellow marker you must highlight the things, the fulfillment of which does not seem important to you (or they are low in comparison).

And thus we now have three lists of things. You should praise yourself for the completion of green tasks! The tasks that were highlighted with red color should not be recognized as being important to you, those are mandatory tasks that you must complete, but they should be lower on your list of priorities, below the green ones.

What About the Yellow?

For each item on this list, make a table that will list all of the pros of completing a task and cons of ignoring it. This way, most of the yellow tasks will be moved to the red list. Now let's try to review the list of things that you are not doing for yourself:

  • Think about every single task: is it really all that important?
  • Is it possible to do this task less often?
  • Is it possible to shift this task onto someone else?
  • What happens if you don't do it?

4 Steps Out of Depression

Step One: Recognize Your Problem

Depression is a widely discussed topic, however, people don’t seem to know much about it. Perhaps, just because it has little in common with the "bad mood", as everyone has experienced it at one point or another in their life. It is a mental disorder, and very often, medications are needed to cope with it. The common thing among the people who suffer from it is that they refuse any form of help. People are still shy to turn to a psychologist, and even more so, to a psychiatrist. But why should one care less about the psyche than about their stomach or joints? People, as a rule, cannot explain this. And yet, recently, there’s been less and less stigma about seeking help: we are gradually learning to recognize that psychological help is needed and it is simply necessary to seek it.

Step Two: Face the Illness

Here we can draw a simple parallel between familiar diseases. What do we do when we get sick? We read about a disease on the Internet, go to a doctor, get out prescription and stick to it. And then we use this information to help ourselves, to get us back on track. For example, a person with diabetes knows that they need a diet and insulin injections. In the case of depression, this is a daily regimen, feasible exercise, help from relatives and a psychologist, even medications. To face your illness also helps to answer the question that everyone asks themselves in this situation: why is this happening to me? This question corrodes an already exhausted body of a person, like sulfuric acid. But the reality for a person in depression is greatly distorted, and in the absolute majority of cases they, of course, consider themselves to be the cause of all misfortunes.

Step Three: Learning to Accept Support

Why can't depression just go away on its own? I mean, isn’t it enough to take your pills on the daily bases? What is the need to sit with a psychologist for hours and delve into the most unpleasant things that happened in your life? The territory of this illness really looks unfamiliar, dangerous, and it seems to be this way because you are not thinking straight because the chemical composition of your brain has changed. Organic matter necessary for normal health and mood ceases to work as it should. The task of antidepressants is to restore this balance. And when it is restored, the picture of reality again acquires colors, becomes volumetric. The world around you becomes more vibrant and understandable.

Step Four: Perform Simple Steps

Day after day, sometimes through force, sometimes while trying not to think about the meaninglessness of all of your actions. Take medicine, eat and sleep, go outside, do exercises, even they consist of 3,5 squats. All this requires an incredible amount of effort: you will go to a store but you are going to feel as if you climbed Mount Everest. The most basic things make you feel exhausted. But what’s the reason to fight it anyway? How can squats and jogging turn your life around? The more vital energy a body receives, the faster is its recovery process. If you make no effort towards getting yourself back on track – you won’t, the first step is the hardest one, it gets a lot easier later on. In fact, just one little physical exercise a day will make you feel a lot better, nothing spectacular, a gym is not required, just some light jogging and squatting.

Giving Your Site a Self-Improvement

Improving your website is a great way for the users to be attracted to visit it. A good website makes the users to stay and enjoy the content and other features of the website. This can be achieved by improving the functionality of your website and making it user friendly. Thus, we would like to recommend 10 ways to improve your website.

But before we go to our Top 10 ways, we would like you to be familiarized with website optimization first.

Website optimization for local search is the process of making changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages. It will help in improving experience of each user to your website.

Now, we would like to present our Top 10 Ways to Improve and optimize a Website:

  1. You should start switching to WordPress. The reason for this is that it simply works. It would be easy to use, has different options for customization, and many developers and enthusiasts are already using this system. Without a doubt, this would be perfect for you to start in improving your website.Website Optimization
  2. Get rid of flash and replace it with jQuery. Although we all know that flash will help your website become more interactive and less boring, it takes too long to load to that of which do not have it. On the other hand, jQuery is easier to use, highly extensible and uses simple, clean and powerful syntax.
  3. Use tools to clean up your code. A beautiful code results to a beautiful website so make sure to use effective tools to fix these errors in your website.
  4. Upgrading your hosting. If you’re not using CloudFlare on your hosting account, well, you should. Why? It uses the best quality hardware and network available, making it naturally fast. It also has built in security to ensure safety of servers and customer site. Cloudflare is very easy to install so there’s no reason for not using it plus it comes for free!
  5. Title tag customization. Constructing and optimizing your title tags would be the simplest way to make your website improved. A good title tag will make the user attracted to click it and visit your website. It will also help them to know what the page is about immediately.
  6. Optimize your existing content. It would be good to change for the better but improving your first content that you already have will cause no harm. Check your page and try to analyze on what could be done to improve it you’ll be surprised of what you may come up with.
  7. Use simpler navigation buttons. Your visitors would less likely to stay on your website if it is too complicated. Simplifying your navigations will be helpful for it will make the website more organized and professional. Anyway there goes a saying, simple is beautiful.
  8. Specify one main call to action. Users should know what they will do in your website once they hit the click button. Decide on that and your website should focus on that and your website should display everything around that. Through Local SEOthis, users may be guided properly and confusion may be avoided.
  9. Add your business in google maps. Provide your contact information. Make it easier for your users to contact you by displaying proper business contact information. Some people might just want to contact you in person or send an email for further questions and it could also be beneficial for other business purposes.
  10. Upgrade your design. Last but not the least, make your website faster. Your site should not just strong in content but should be entertaining too. Make sure that your website will clearly represent your business by giving it a clean and professional look.

And there goes the list of ways to improve a website. We hope that it gave you some ideas on improving your website. So, give it a try and see it for yourself. As mentioned by SEOExplode on their site, “One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is ensuring each of the pages of your website is totally optimized otherwise the local SEO efforts might be slightly wasted. SEOExplode can help you with your website optimization, and your local SEO efforts by placing your company information in countless local directories, and listing your company information on numerous search engines. Their diligence, commitment and insurmountable knowledge of the search engine optimization industry will help get your company the exposure and visibility it needs to be successful.”

To ensure successful website optimization, SEOExplode can optimize your local SEO efforts.

How to Achieve Self Improvement and Win in Any Life Situation


Are you experiencing some difficulties in life and you think you’re not good enough to do certain things? Well, there is always room for improvement and learning life lessons is always helpful. We don’t need to be perfect but we have to at least do our best in order to live the life we’ve always wanted. By understanding how self improvement helps individuals in enhancing their skills and knowledge, it is possible to achieve more confidence and efficiency.

When we say self improvement or self help, we mean self guided development whether emotionally, intellectually, or economically so that we can achieve what we want in life. In fact, there are various programs to reach self help objectives such as proponents, associated beliefs, techniques, and leaders. Terms and concepts like codependency, dysfunctional families, and recovery have become decisively included in mainstream language.

Making Anything Happen through Self Belief

ImprovementWith different perspectives and goals in life, individuals have their own self improvement needs. For instance, those who are working in the IT industry, they need to improve their skills as well as understanding in search engine optimization. Progress is needed to keep going and attain certain objectives no matter what type of business or personal requirements.

Hence, individual betterment that people want can be realized through proven methods like professional help. Tools which are commonly used include video and audio products, seminars, books, and related personal coaching sessions. When it comes to service delivery from professionals, self improvement is supported through corresponding programs designed to guarantee results. Some will undergo self examination and identify social behaviors and based on observations, professionals are able to provide accurate explanations.

The various disciplines and approaches are offered to make sure that you get the right guidance. And by refining this field, people are successfully able to create well engineered models and logically sound research. However, the dissection of methodologies and focus has significantly formed a number of subfields like wide-ranging positive psychology, psychological effects and phenomenon, and even some personal effectiveness. By means of self talk and social support, people achieve self improvement in a more efficient way. So if you want to win in your battles, make yourself the only one to depend on and see which areas you need to develop.

Reasons to Improve Oneself and Attain Ultimate Happiness

Self ImprovementOur life changes once we embrace the importance of self help. In fact, many have improved themselves by acknowledging the truth that they need professional help in order to achieve their dreams in life. For people who find it hard to materialize their goals, it is a good start to consider talking to a professional whose field is to provide self improvement programs. Satisfaction and pride can effectively motivate people in doing something to attain their dreams in life. But with the right skills and attitude, individuals find it easier to achieve the kind of lifestyle they ever wanted.

All that is needed to succeed in any life situation is to stay strong and believe that everything will fall into place no matter how hard it seems. Our challenges in life are never ending but we can always make it happen if only we know what our purpose in life is. Through self improvement, anyone can reach their ultimate dream despite the hardships and failures. Once an individual has improved his thinking and abilities, a brighter future is always waiting on the other side.

To wrap it up, we can have professional advice in order to ensure that we’re on the right track – after all, we shouldn’t act like we know everything, especially if we don’t.