Website Optimization

Giving Your Site a Self-Improvement

Improving your website is a great way for the users to be attracted to visit it. A good website makes the users to stay and enjoy the content and other features of the website. This can be achieved by improving the functionality of your website and making it user friendly. Thus, we would like to recommend 10 ways to improve your website.

But before we go to our Top 10 ways, we would like you to be familiarized with website optimization first.

Website optimization for local search is the process of making changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages. It will help in improving experience of each user to your website.

Now, we would like to present our Top 10 Ways to Improve and optimize a Website:

  1. You should start switching to WordPress. The reason for this is that it simply works. It would be easy to use, has different options for customization, and many developers and enthusiasts are already using this system. Without a doubt, this would be perfect for you to start in improving your website.Website Optimization
  2. Get rid of flash and replace it with jQuery. Although we all know that flash will help your website become more interactive and less boring, it takes too long to load to that of which do not have it. On the other hand, jQuery is easier to use, highly extensible and uses simple, clean and powerful syntax.
  3. Use tools to clean up your code. A beautiful code results to a beautiful website so make sure to use effective tools to fix these errors in your website.
  4. Upgrading your hosting. If you’re not using CloudFlare on your hosting account, well, you should. Why? It uses the best quality hardware and network available, making it naturally fast. It also has built in security to ensure safety of servers and customer site. Cloudflare is very easy to install so there’s no reason for not using it plus it comes for free!
  5. Title tag customization. Constructing and optimizing your title tags would be the simplest way to make your website improved. A good title tag will make the user attracted to click it and visit your website. It will also help them to know what the page is about immediately.
  6. Optimize your existing content. It would be good to change for the better but improving your first content that you already have will cause no harm. Check your page and try to analyze on what could be done to improve it you’ll be surprised of what you may come up with.
  7. Use simpler navigation buttons. Your visitors would less likely to stay on your website if it is too complicated. Simplifying your navigations will be helpful for it will make the website more organized and professional. Anyway there goes a saying, simple is beautiful.
  8. Specify one main call to action. Users should know what they will do in your website once they hit the click button. Decide on that and your website should focus on that and your website should display everything around that. Through Local SEOthis, users may be guided properly and confusion may be avoided.
  9. Add your business in google maps. Provide your contact information. Make it easier for your users to contact you by displaying proper business contact information. Some people might just want to contact you in person or send an email for further questions and it could also be beneficial for other business purposes.
  10. Upgrade your design. Last but not the least, make your website faster. Your site should not just strong in content but should be entertaining too. Make sure that your website will clearly represent your business by giving it a clean and professional look.

And there goes the list of ways to improve a website. We hope that it gave you some ideas on improving your website. So, give it a try and see it for yourself. As mentioned by SEOExplode on their site, “One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is ensuring each of the pages of your website is totally optimized otherwise the local SEO efforts might be slightly wasted. SEOExplode can help you with your website optimization, and your local SEO efforts by placing your company information in countless local directories, and listing your company information on numerous search engines. Their diligence, commitment and insurmountable knowledge of the search engine optimization industry will help get your company the exposure and visibility it needs to be successful.”

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