How to get free CSGO cases

Everyone can open free CS:GO cases now. In this category we have collected for you sites with free CS:GO cases, where you can open one or more cases for free. Some sites require promo codes, which, of course, we have posted for you to each site. But some sites do not require any promo codes and you can open a case immediately after logging in to the site. After opening a case you will get a random item or a skin, which you can then withdraw or sell for real money. Good luck to all!

Method #1: Random Drop

The first method is good because it allows you to get cases and weapons for playing on official Valve servers or after a ranked match. In order to get the items, you need to devote quite a lot of free time to CS:GO. If a gamer enjoys playing for a long time, this method will be a great option to free open case or skins. The main disadvantages of the method - spending a lot of time as roulette CS GO requires a large percentage of luck. There is no system for calculating drops or a proven scheme. Can be lucky and the case will fall out three games in a row, or none at all.

Method #2: idle servers

There are special idle servers (unofficial) to get a random drop without having to be at a personal computer. In other words, drop items will happen without the need to play. The server works on this principle:

  • Filled with users or bots, increasing the chance of drop, due to the large number of players;
  • Reduced round time saves time compared to a normal match;
  • Due to the large amount of time spent on the server, the chance of dropping items increases, as it happens in CS GO roulette when the betting is high.

Since it is not necessary to do anything on them, you can minimize the game and go about your business. And the minimum consumption of resources PC shooter even use the computer in parallel with the application. To use this method will need to be in the list of community servers to find "idle" and choose your favorite. Then go in and just stand and after a while enjoy free items.

Way number 3: roulette CS GO

The principle of the game is simple: you put a certain amount of things, providing yourself a percentage of the fallout. The higher the bet, the higher the percentage. However, sometimes random rolls happen to the player who bet a small amount. So, CS GO Roulette can be a great start to add to your inventory with minimal investment.You can decorate your weapon in CS GO without much money and even for free , if you have enough patience and ingenuity.