Successful Email Marketing.

Sun, Oct 6, 2013

Email Marketing, Social Media

Successful Email Marketing.

A good internet marketer will know, that the secret to being successful, is the ability to build  real online relationships ,with a well focused and responsive email list.  Whilst this can take a number of years to achieve, the rewards of taking the time are well worth it.  Any successful marketer will undoubtedly agree that one of the most valuable assets in their business is their ‘Opt-in List!!’

So here are the keys to the kingdom…I am handing them too you now.  If you want to succeed in your internet business, regardless of your niche, your service, or your product -  you need to have your  OWN Optin List!


And before I get started on a few major tips in email marketing - I will give you what I consider the major piece of the missing email marketing jigsaw.  You need to find others with whom you are likeminded, who are interested in the same things as you, build a relationship with them, provide them with something for FREE and help them to succeed.



To be effective in email marketing you will need the following: Email_Marketing

  • A growing list of valuable email addresses
  • A way to capture the email addresses
  • An email marketing distribution service
  • An easy way to manage your email lists

Step 1 - Understand why you want to build your list

There are a number of benefits of having an effective email list including the ability to:

  • Develop better customer relationships
  • Sell more of your own products and services
  • Increase your sales
  • Make money promoting others in a similar niche
  • Help establish your personal brand
  • Make your self more present online
  • Take control of your marketing.

Once you understand these benefits and the value you can get from email marketing you will need to develop an email content strategy.

Step 2 - Developing an email content strategy

In many ways, email marketing is similar to blogging:

Work out what information you are going to share, (article, e-books, newsletters, videos, blog articles, products, special promotions.) and then…..decide how much time you are going to commit to sending out content? (e.g. everyday, once a week, once a month.)  Sending quality information regularly will help establish your brand, web presence and expertise.

Step 3 - Developing a technology strategy

Once you have decided what information you are going to share you will need to decide the format style of your email.  There are two main formats and these include html or plain text.  Html refers to email that includes graphics, some marketers use a combination of the two and some prefer to stick to one. Do what feels best for you.

Of course any successful technology strategy will involve actually getting people to sign up to what ever you have on offer.  It could be a free e-book, course or regular newsletter.  And to gather emails effectively you will need to have some type of an opt-in box, either on a website you own, on your blog, on a facebook fanpage or on a dedicated squeeze page.

For sending and storing emails you will need one of the three options below.  I use an auto-responder service known as get response, but there are lots other kinds. For more infor please check out my recommended resources section.

  • direct email system
  • Autoresponder system (a series of emails)
  • Shopping cart tools

The benefits of auto-responders, is that you are able to leverage your time by setting up and automating a series of emails to go out at a scheduled time.

Step 4 - Develop a traffic generation strategy

Once you have something to promote you need to let people know what you have on offer and this means that you need to start generating some traffic.  Traffic generation methods falls in to two categories, paid and unpaid.

You might want to consider:

  • Writing articles on your blog or website
  • Writing articles to be placed on other peoples websites
  • Posting information in forums
  • Swapping newsletters with others in the same niche.
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Paying for advertising space in other peoples newsletters
  • Social media marketing

Note: whenever you pay for traffic make sure you are getting a good return on your investment ROI, otherwise what’s the point when there are so many free marketing methods to drive traffic to your opt-in box.

Step 5 - Develop a relationship with your subscribers.

It doesn’t matter how big your list is if you don’t personally know who you are sending your information to.  If you are sending emails regularly, make sure that the information you provide is useful, valuable and will help benefit them or solve a particular problem.

Remember these top tips for quality emails:

  1. Keep it short and useful
  2. Have an enticing subject line.
  3. Track and monitor your emails.
  4. Don’t use capital letters.

Remember these top tips for legal emails

1. Give people a way to unsubscribe
2. Make sure you have a physical mailing address in your email
3. Make sure you are sending it from a real address, (don’t pretend to be someone your not)

Step 6 - Get ready to monetize your list.


As your subscribers get to know and trust you -  you will then be able to start to sell your own products and services or other peoples services and products (affiliate marketing)

What are you waiting for…get making that list……!

Yours in Success,

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44 Responses to “Successful Email Marketing.”

  1. Ben Waugh Says:

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.


  2. Therese Miu Says:

    Hi Beth, Such an INCREDIBLE Resource here. I hope everyone takes their time to review it especially if they are new to internet marketing. I know there’s so many information out there being thrown around but one information worth taking is “growing their list.” It’s always great to study the basics and take action on it.
    Thanks a LOT Beth for all your valuable resources here on your blog!
    I appreciate you and I am honored to journey with you.

    Love Light & Blessings
    Therese Miu


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hi Therese,

    I absolutely agree, I think for some people it is obvious that you have to grow your list and for others it isnt. Some people believe any old list will do but its all in the relationships we build.

    I am glad you liked my post.

    Beth :-)


  3. Andrew Gallagher Says:

    Hey Beth. You hit the nails on the head! Laid out very nicely for us. Your a good teacher. Keep it rolling!


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thanks Andrews that is really kind of you, I am glad you liked it.

    Beth :-)


  4. Amy Posner Says:

    Beth, There is NOTHING more valuable than your list. Build it, nurture it, treasure it, understand its’ value….I ran an online business for six years and was very blase about my list, the people on it, and its intrinsic value and boy did I learn the lesson.

    When I started to really understand and value (and deliver real value in return) the people who were following me (pre social media), I made 3x what I made when I ignored my subscribers and let them sit there for years (yes years…) after my newsletter series ran out…heed Beth - do it now! Build the most valuable (sale-able, marketable) asset your online business has!
    .-= Amy Posner´s last blog ..Business Development – Are You At It? =-.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Amy,

    I am glad you can recognise and have experience of what I am sharing today. I have been guilty of neglecting my list once my course or newsletters ran dry…by wokring at it, becoming regular at it and sharing value I know I will get it right!

    Going to think about my most saleable marketable asset now hehe!



  5. Beth Allen Says:

    Oh, yet another message telling me that I need to get on the ball with my opt-in! (hey, at least this time I can say I’ve finally started it!) :) I do know it’s an essential part of the puzzle, but I think I my 30 day challenge threw me off track there! Finally back on track now though…

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Beth!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..Successful Weight Loss & Long Term Weight Management =-.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    I am glad that you are on it…these things take time to set up and you have a great excuse on the 30 day challenge! hehe, let me know if I can help out in any way.



  6. Don Enck Says:

    This is a very organized game plan that anybody could take and put to use to effectively create an email list. You cover all the essentials and then some. I’ve got my auto responder and email opt in in place but I now have to work on the additional follow up pieces after the initial ones have gone out and then building those relationships.

    thanks for the great advice.
    .-= Don Enck´s last blog ..Celebrate Your Victories…Even If They’re Silver =-.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    me too!…this is part of my challenge as well…but we have a blog post everyweek so why not send that out! Its a great way to provide great content and make sure you are still visable on the web.



  7. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    Awesome article! Also a strong kick in my pants to get me back to working on getting some material into mine instead of ignoring it!! So true, at the end of the day all you have in social and online marketing IS your list. Nothing more, nothing less, and just like a flower the care or neglect you give it will be reflected in what you get out of it!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..How To: Change Your Twitter Name Without Losing Followers =-.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Oh thats why my flower died….hehe I have been paying to much attention to my list!

    Thanks Kimberly
    Beth :-P


  8. Garrett Miller Says:

    Great article Beth! I’m working on a autoresponder series presently myself… Long work but like Kim said you get back what you put in.

    Thanks for the post,

    .-= Garrett Miller´s last blog ..Network Marketing vs Internet Marketing vs Attraction Marketing: Rumble in the Home-Based Business Jungle =-.


  9. Jan Hill Says:

    Thanks for the great info Beth! I have to say, email list building has not been my strong point. I do understand the importance of it but just have felt more of the push to get content out, plug ins right, syndicate the people I love :P and so email and list building has not been at the top of my priority list. After reading your tips I realized it is time to focus on getting that piece of the puzzle up and running smoothly. Thank you for sharing that!
    .-= Jan Hill´s last blog ..5 Ways Social Media will Grow your Dental Practice =-.


  10. Beverly Monical Says:

    Lists are so important.I am working on mine right now.Great information you gave us here. Thank you!
    .-= Beverly Monical´s last blog ..Are You Challenging Your Body When You Workout? =-.


  11. Jodi Lee Says:

    Beth, this post is utterly fantastic! I SO need this right now. thanks for giving it away to all of us!
    .-= Jodi Lee´s last blog ..Take back your life =-.


  12. Edward Says:

    Hey Beth,
    Great post and tips on the power, value, and approach to email marketing.
    I have some work to do now on my approach to this activity…
    Thanks for sharing with us all.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,


  13. Jose H. Caraballo Says:

    Nice, solid information here. Practicing these step will surely get you on the right road. Extremely important and timely for me since I have neglected this subject for a little while now.

    Time to get back to building those lists.
    .-= Jose H. Caraballo´s last blog ..Forget Your Why…Begin With Your Purpose! =-.


  14. Bill Cowan Says:

    Hi Beth, Thanks for the reminder to me that I need to do these things. I’m struggling with finding the right auto-responder and I’d appreciate a little guidance if you have time. Just shoot me a quick email. there are three that I’m looking at, but didn’t want to mention them here. Your article is right on time with what I need to accomplish this week Thanks. (Fellow TSA member)
    .-= Bill Cowan´s last blog ..Healthy Eating Habits =-.


  15. Judy Zavislak Says:

    Hi Beth! What a great article! I’ve started down the email marketing path, but I’ve got a long way to go! It’s nice that there are great people like you out there that are willing to share with us!
    .-= Judy Zavislak´s last blog ..Day 2 Results of Shakeology Detoxifying Cleanse =-.


  16. Nancy Burke Barr Says:

    Dear Beth,

    This is such a terrific topic and you set it out so beautifully! You really have a knack for explaining what to do, step by step!

    Even though I understand and implement most of this, there were still a few gems that helped me out! This will be pure gold for the marketer that is just starting out!

    It is always a pleasure visiting your site!

    Mentor Mama


  17. Lynn Glaser Says:

    Hi Beth,

    This is a definite bookmark page, one to refer back to. This is such useful resource for everyone involved in internet marketing. Thanks for going into so much detail for us Beth!


    .-= Lynn Glaser´s last blog ..A Twitter Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page In 7 Easy Steps =-.


  18. Beverly Monical Says:

    So true Beth.Building relationships is the thing some people miss in Social Media.Make sure the person has an interest in you and your passions and then I feel it is okay to talk business with them. Spamming is so wrong.


  19. Linda G. Cox Says:

    Beth~ This is a perfect post! I mean perfect! I have always known about the social aspect of marketing, but developing an email system was something I needed to learn! This post says it all! I wish I would have had it from the beginning!


  20. Lori Robertson Says:


    Great information, I was just doing some training on email marketing so your post touched on what the training is about and of course all of the tips are things that we all should apply if we expect to be successful on the internet. Thanks so much for the value that you share.

    .-= Lori Robertson´s last undefined ..Response cached until Mon 24 @ 23:56 GMT (Refreshes in 49 Minutes) =-.


  21. Sharon Whyte Says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thanks for the good info on list building. You give great posts as usual so thanks again!


  22. Dave from Hosted CRM Says:

    I’ve always felt like allowing customers to sign up for your email marketing is a million times more effective than requiring them to provide you with their email and spamming them to death.


  23. Nathan Says:

    Really nice post. Seems that you got everything that you need to create something successful using email marketing. It’s no wonder that you are successful yourself. ^^


  24. Anne from Træningsbænk Says:

    I’ve read a number of how-tos on email marketing and I think this one is the one that have the most quality in its content. Thanks Beth!


  25. anne perez Says:

    Hi Beth
    A very thorough analysis of an important marketing tool for businesses. I’m glad you stress the importance of deciding why to set up an email campaign in the first place. A vital step often missed out.
    anne perez´s last [type] ..How Smartphones are changing the way we do things!


  26. marquita herald Says:

    Great tips Beth - and you know what makes email marketing so easy - working with Aweber!
    marquita herald´s last [type] ..Alone in a Crowd


  27. MarieGrace Says:

    Hi Beth, thanks for this great resource. I have to admit that I’m still lagging behind this email marketing tool, so this info really came in handy! Kudos to you!
    MarieGrace´s last [type] ..7 Success Tips Spilled By A Top Producer That Will Catapult Your Business To Massive Success


  28. Steve Shoemaker Says:

    Yes as you say you have given us the keys to the kingdom. An opt in with a good free offer is part of the equation for sure. But also when they hit your site people need to see quality content like this to help them make that decision thanks for the great advice.

    Steve Shoemaker´s last [type] ..Subliminal Messages The Path Of Least Resistance Special Offer


  29. Mattgeib Says:

    Hello Beth:

    Nicely done post on email marketing. I believe you covered all the aspects really well. I think this is one of the most foundational tenants to marketing successfully marketing online. Without nurturing a responsive list you do not even have a business.



  30. Steve-Personal Success Factors Says:

    Building the list. It’s the common theme of every successful internet marketing. Respecting your list. It’s the golden rule I’ve learned from online marketers I look up to. Interact with your readers. Every reader is a valuable person, and responding in a timely manner is something I’ve only recently learned to do. In terms of HTML Template versus just a blank email background, I recommend split testing to find out what will work best for your particular readers.
    Steve-Personal Success Factors´s last [type] ..How To Live Like a Millionaire


  31. Holly Says:

    A simple and east read for me to learn and follow… Thanks for the great info and I sure have some decisions to be making and work to do!! Thanks Beth!
    Holly´s last [type] ..Hooked Into Another Weight Loss Miracle?


  32. Mandy Allen from Learn To Blog Says:

    I’m confused - this post date says 10th August but there are comments going back to February 24th…

    Anyway, your own list and a good follow up autoresponder series are the best way to move forwards. I bought an email campaign originally as I wasn’t at all sure what I should do. I read all the emails, personalised them and changed the text to reflect my own ideas and thinking and used that until I could create my own follow up emails that I was happy with. It’s not as easy as it sounds for some but there are goos products out there that can help you to get started.

    Enjoy the journey,

    Mandy Allen@Learn To Blog´s last [type] ..Making Sure Your Video Is Centred


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hi Mandy,

    Yes this is an old post which had been resubmitted. Thanks for your comment,



    Mandy Allen from Learn To Blog Reply:

    Ah, that solves that then! Where do I find your latest posts, can’t seem to see them on the site. I went to another post and it went back in comments to March.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen@Learn To Blog´s last [type] ..Making Sure Your Video Is Centred


    Beth Hewitt Reply:

    I don’t have a specific place for latest post, all my posts will get resubmitted eventually. It is a means of leverage. My most recent post is attached to the bottom of this comment.

    Beth Hewitt´s last [type] ..What Makes A Successful Business?

  33. Kerris Torkington Says:

    Hi Beth
    Fantastic advice. Too many people don’t understand email marketing and just send links to there opportunity.
    It is important to build relationships and have people look forward to getting to know the real you. Of course the must be a reason for you to email them but as they get to know and trust you they will be more willing to buy from you.
    Thanks for the information will certainly be putting it into practice.
    Kerris Torkington´s last [type] ..Together Everyone Achieves More


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Yes, Email Marketing is tricky i the beginning, I feel the biggest hurdle is getting consistent with the approach and keeping up with our list.

    Thanks for your comment,



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