8. March 2010


Pruning your Life

The first signs of spring are finally here and as soon as I have finished this post I will be out in the garden starting to prune the plants, pulling up  the weeds and planting new seeds.  The thought of pruning has also got me thinking about life generally because spring is a wonderful time [...]

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1. March 2010


Successful Email Marketing.

A good internet marketer will know, that the secret to being successful, is the ability to build  real online relationships ,with a well focused and responsive email list.  Whilst this can take a number of years to achieve, the rewards of taking the time are well worth it.  Any successful marketer will undoubtedly agree that [...]

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15. February 2010


The Princess and the Frog

If you haven’t had the wonderful opportunity to see the Princess and the Frog yet and you have a small 4 year old you can pinch for an hour and a half , I would advise you to take a look.  It is full of the usual Disney Princess Magic but with extra special values.  [...]

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8. February 2010


Beginners Guide to Blogging

What is a Blog?
What is this thing they call a blog?  Well there are many definitions and naturally with all things on the internet, things have evolved over the last few years.  But to start with let us consider this definition.

A blog to me is a website that maintains an on-going chronicle of information [...]

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1. February 2010


Personal Branding and YOU!

There is no mystery in the fact that the companies and people who are most well known and successful, are the ones that have positioned themselves as leaders in their field or niche.  Take a big corporate brand such as Nike.  Everyone recognises the ‘Nike Swoosh’, it’s well known around the world.  Branding is a [...]

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29. January 2010


Bringing something to the table!

Hi Everyone,
This post was born out of an action I ask people who sign up to my 10 day course to take.  I ask people to share any piece of knowledge they have which they think would be of value to someone else, (try to refrain from business opportunities).  Basically I want people to start [...]

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25. January 2010


Keeping your blog content fresh!

If you want to get people to follow you with keen interest, it is really important that you are able to produce great content for your followers. Whether you are writing on your blog, producing a video, or an article - you need to position yourself ahead of the game.  But how do you ensure [...]

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18. January 2010


Are you Crystal Clear?

In an era when we have so much time-saving technology at our fingertips. When there is information all around us? How is it, that we sometimes find it so hard to find clarity to what we are looking for in life?
If we want to accomplish things but we are finding it hard to find [...]

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13. January 2010


What are you doing with your time?

So often we hear people say they just don’t have time, but how true is this? How much time do we spend doing really non-productive activities like watching reality TV, surfing the net, or watching films? If you are struggling to work at your goals right now, if you are struggling to grab an [...]

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11. January 2010


Finding your Niche?

So you know that if you want to be successful in network marketing, you’re going to have to put yourself out there in the world and position yourself as a leader. Which is fine because you have the passion, the drive and the determination but hang on a minute….you have NO CLUE what your [...]

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6. January 2010


Are you a Change Optimist?

As we come to the end of the first week of 2010, I wanted to really concentrate on the concept of CHANGE and what makes some people more successful at change than others. We will all be aware of people, including ourselves that will have set new years resolutions and goals to achieve but [...]

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24. December 2009


Welcome Friends!

Thank you so much for stopping by my official blog! Whilst I am pretty new to blogging. I feel it will be only a matter of time before I will be flooding my pages with great content. Not just from me but from some of my likeminded friends around the globe.

My name is [...]

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