Focus and Determination

Wed, Feb 1, 2012

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Focus and Determination
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Sometimes we become so focused on being a success in our businesses that we try to do too much.  We try to learn all the different marketing methods; we buy every training course, join every opportunity and never actually get anywhere at all.  It is not unusual for this to happen, it is just the way we are programmed and it’s the instant information world we have come to know.

There is information everywhere and you want to know it all.  The thing is, while you crave more and more information you are not doing any of the ‘do’ to get stuff done.  I have learnt that to be a success we have to be focused. Not just focused on what we want to achieve but focused on how we are going to do that.  So for example if you want to be a successful network marketer is, spending 5 minutes on the phone, 5 minutes, blogging, 5 minutes, tweeting, 5 minutes, writing an article, 5 minutes, learning a script, 5 minutes doing a course really focussed?

My biggest piece of advice is to pick one method that will see you making progress and stick at it.  Think about building a wall for a moment.  Which of these situations do you think will build the wall the quickest? 

Building a Wall


Yes…there will always be some instructions you need to cover in the beginning, like reading a script but after that you just got to pick up the phone and have a go.  When we stay focussed and determined we begin to grow our crafts in ways that you could never imagine. 

One of my favourite role models Will Smith once said “skills can only be developed by beating on our craft…you have to be dedicated to your craft”  That means be dedicated to getting really good at something, don’t learn a bit and jump on to the next shiny thing that catches your eye.

You can do whatever you want to do, you just have to believe it can happen and don’t stick with what is realistic, and People thought it was unrealistic for man to fly and stand on the surface of the moon…yet someone believed enough to make it happen. 

I don’t know about you, but I want to be that someone who dared to dream and lived to make a difference to this world.  Here is Will Smith at his best.  Be who you want to be and don’t let anyone stop you. (Not even Humpty Dumpty!)

Believe Will Smith


To Yours Success, 


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8 Responses to “Focus and Determination”

  1. Sue Price Says:

    Beth I feel like you are talking to me in this post!!
    I really had to take stock at the beginning of this year and work out where I was going to focus. Bright shiny objects seemed to take me off course for the last 12 months.
    That is a great video and I love the wall example.

    Focus, focus - note to self!

    Sue Price´s last [type] ..What is Australia Day?


  2. Lynn Brown Says:

    Thanks Beth for sharing this interview. I love Will Smith and saw this a while ago. He is a very inspiring and grateful person. Your message is a good one as well. We get in the way of ourselves sometime instead of thinking about and staying focus with the task at hand. I say, what’s the hurry?

    Live, love, laugh and learn. Life is for happiness and when we take the time to enjoy it, that is when abundance just starts pouring in!
    Lynn Brown´s last [type] ..What to Do When Others Are Jealous of Your Online Business Success


  3. Angel Taylor Says:

    Beth you are so right that focus really is the key to getting anything done. Unfortunately it’s so easy to get distracted or to fill our time with busy work instead of doing the things that will actually get us to our goal. Though I love your analogy with building a wall, because when you break it down like that, everything in the first column just looks even more unnecessary.

    The video by Will Smith is such an amazing one. I’ve seen it a few times now and I still love it!

    Angel Taylor´s last [type] ..Wait, I Can Stream LIVE Webinars On Facebook?!


  4. Lilach Bullock Says:

    Beth what a great inspirational post. I love Will Smith although must admit I hadn’t seen this video.

    Thanks for sharing:)
    Lilach Bullock´s last [type] ..How often should you write a blog post?


  5. Stevie from Valentine's Day Says:

    Here is something I learned just the other day from Mari Smith about Focus:

    Focus is an acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful!

    Puts things into perspective nicely for me!
    Stevie @ Valentine’s Day´s last [type] ..Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?


  6. Andy Nathan from Social Networking Says:


    Focus is crucial for a business owner. That is my primary focus this year…focusing on what I need to do, not what I want to do to be successful.

    Andy Nathan@Social Networking´s last [type] ..Ode To WebHosting


  7. Joyce Penner Says:

    Beth, I love the analogy of building a wall. Put that way people have got to be shaking their heads on how many of those steps they add to their daily plan of action.
    Well done !!
    Joyce Penner´s last [type] ..Put the FUN back into MLM without becoming “overwhelmed”


  8. marquita herald Says:

    Really love and related to this article Beth. Never get tired of that Wil Smith video - and what a nice presentation. Thanks so much you’ve really inspired me - great way to end the day!
    marquita herald´s last [type] ..The Kindness Movement: From Tiny Ripple to Worldwide Rally


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