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Sat, Mar 3, 2012

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One of the biggest decisions that any internet marketer will make is deciding what MLM or Network Marketing company to join. I am talking here specifically about internet marketers as opposed to home business owners or people who only want to distribute for one company because I really see that there is a distinct difference here.

To me an internet marketer is someone who has a range of internet marketing skills and who is seeking to add yet another income stream to their arsenal.  So in essence whether it’s the first MLM or Network Marketing Company you are looking to join or whether it’s another one to add to your list, here are my top tips on how to know you have found the right company for you.

One of the most important aspects of growing a successful business, is having a real authentic passion for the products.  The type of product you decide to promote will depend on your individual choice.  It doesn’t matter how good the compensation plan is or even how supportive the up-line is.

Believing in the products will go a long way to ensuring that you are successful in your MLM or Network Marketing Company.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How close are the products to your Niche?
  • Do the products compliment your niche or other MLM/Network Marketing Company?
  • Do you have a similar product you already use?
  • Do you already have a large customer base that would benefit from these products?

    Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the promises of financial freedom, listen to your heart and intuition and be sure that you do have a real passion for the products.

    Do you connect with the Sponsor

    Whilst we all need to start somewhere, make sure you are comfortable with your sponsor.  Remember you are starting a business and it’s alright to question your potential sponsor.

    Treat it like you are interviewing them for the position of training and development manager for your company.

    If you are building a business you need to treat it like one, don’t be railroaded in to joining up with any old sponsor.  When you are looking for a sponsor you are also looking for a leader, it needs to be someone you can rely on, who will help you out, will answer questions and who you can call a friend.

    Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much social proof do they have?
  • Are they well known and respected in the industry?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them?
  • Have they got your best interests at heart?

    It’s all about the Training

    Having access to free training is always a big plus as long as the training is quality and cutting edge.  Dependant on your personal preferences having access to both traditional and modern network marketing methods is advantageous.  So before you join up with your sponsor ask them what they have to offer you in terms of:

  • Scripts
  • Example Emails
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Conference Calls
  • Audio
  • Forums
  • Getting Started Packs

    Community Matters

    There is nothing worse than joining a MLM or Network Marketing Company only to find you have little if no support from your sponsor.  The great thing about communities is that they are continuously growing which means there will always be someone to reach out to. You will be able to find more likeminded people.  Form long lasting relationships and mastermind groups.

    Many great Join Ventures have been created in communities like forums and Ning Communities.  Communities also allow you to step up and show that you are yourself a leader, who is willing to share your own knowledge and help others become successful.

    I can’t stress how important it is to be part of as many communities as possible within your mlm or network marketing company, whether it’s on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Ning.

    Before signing up for your next MLM ask your potential sponsor what they offer in terms of communities and if you can speak with their up-line and other members of the team, if this isn’t an option for you, alarm bells should begin to ring.

    Research the Market

    There are tons of drink companies and health companies out there.  Whilst there is no denying that the health and wellness industry is continuing to grow, the market is also becoming saturated and whilst I wouldn’t want to deter you from a company you feel passionate about, I do want you to consider if the company you are thinking about is unique.

    Is there any competition out there?  If there is competition, how does your company compare to the others in terms of start up costs, monthy costs, compensation and the quality of the products? If there isn’t any competition be sure it’s because your company is revolutionary and not because there is no requirement for the products in the market place.

    Social Media Friendly

    Now that fact that you are reading this on my blog, I am going to assume you know something in the way of social media and social media marketing. The reason why I am throwing this into the mix right now is that; believe it or not there is still some network marketing and MLM companies that are not completely ready for Social Media, nor do they allow you to use social media to build your business. With that being said read the company handbook back to front and if you are still not sure, ask your sponsor.

    Social Media is here to stay and with more and more people getting involved, asking someone to join a company that isn’t social media compliant or friendly is going to be a hard sell for you in the future.

    The Compensation Plan

    I am not going to go through each and every type of compensation plan with you, we would be here all day. There are so many different types and each company has its own structure and pricing structure anyway.  The basic principle of any good compensation pay should be both easy to understand and with a little training it should also be relatively easy for a new distributor to explain.

    As a general rule the more complicated a compensation plan is, the harder it will be to explain. If your prospects can see that your compensation plan is easy to understand and explain, they themselves will feel more confident in their ability to join your business.  Don’t get too dazzled by all the bonuses on offer, be sure this is a model that you can be successful with.

    Last piece of advice don’t sign up for the first business that comes your way.  It can take time to find then right company for you.  Trust your intuition and find a sponsor that is committed to your success.


    Let me know how you get on,

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33 Responses to “Finding the right MLM for you?”

  1. Beth Allen Says:

    This is a really great post for anyone evaluating joining their first, or another, network marketing company. What you said about social media is absolutely right ~ if you are looking to market online, there are definitely some companies that just don’t make it easy! I should know, because my primary company that I’d spent 13 years building successfully offline just didn’t gel with the online world when I came on the scene last November. I got a few new business partners (but spent a dis-proportionate amount of time and energy to get them!), but the company was just not geared for social media marketing.

    So I branched out when I found a company that just made so much sense because it perfectly integrated into everything I was already doing, it would only help my other business, I loved the products and the community was second to none! Community matters big time, just like you said!

    The one thing I would add to the comp. plan discussion is that along with being easy to understand, it really needs to be balanced. There needs to be significant money available both upfront and long term, so that the newbie can get into positive cash flow right away, and all the money isn’t just rolling to the top.

    Such great tips, Beth, thank you! :)
    Beth Allen´s last [type] ..Build Rapport Authentically and Watch Your Sales Skyrocket!


  2. Beverly Monical Says:

    You have some great information here. I agree with it all.This is good information for people to follow.
    Beverly Monical´s last [type] ..Why Should You Sponsor Shop


  3. Sherman Smith Says:

    Hey Beth,

    This is a great blueprint to follow for all of those looking for a network marketing company to get involved in. Thanks for sharing!



  4. Lawrence Bergfeld Says:

    I like this part because you are giving a big tip for people for future leaders, which will duplicate.

    ◦How much social proof do they have?
    ◦Are they well known and respected in the industry?
    ◦Do you feel comfortable with them?
    ◦Have they got your best interests at heart?

    If everybody knew these four questions already, the followers and the shortcut seekers would have exited long ago.

    Lawrence Bergfeld
    Lawrence Bergfeld´s last [type] ..Are You A Wandering Generality Or Are You A Meaningful Specific


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thank Lawrence,

    I wasn’t thinking that when I wrote this, but you are quite right. It is so easy to spot a successful leader/sponsor, I guess you just need to know what to look for and what questions to ask. Always, trust your intuition.

    Beth :)


  5. Kareem Williams Says:

    I just did a video on this beth so that means great minds do think alike. Awesome girl.
    Kareem Williams´s last [type] ..MLM Business Success Tip: A Awesome True Success Story


  6. MaryKay Edelen Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Great information! Thanks for sharing it with everyone. I agree 100% with all your tips on finding the right MLM!

    MaryKay Edelen´s last [type] ..My Video Talk Review


  7. Deborah A. Ten Brink Says:

    Beth, what a fantastic job you did here! I have really been enjoying getting to know you and this just adds to the admiration!

    People get so excited about various businesses that they totally lose their head and just sign up! This is the most critical time to use your head, be sensible, and ask direct questions. I have been very careful online so I don’t become a loser statistic. Of course, we all make mistakes, and learn from them; but wouldn’t if be more fun if the mistakes were liveable, small, not too critical? This is where information like you provide here comes into play. Research, research, research. Know what and who you are joining!

    Keep providing value like this. We need you!

    Deborah A. Ten Brink´s last [type] ..Water It’s not about lack it’s about availability


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Deborah,

    The feeling is mutual! And I admire everything you do too. Yes of course I have made my fair share of mistakes which is why I feel I can come from a experienced place when writing this article.

    It is important that people get the support they need and not sign up to any old tom, dick or harry.

    Thanks for your friendship,
    Beth :)
    bethhewitt80´s last [type] ..Halloween and Successful Internet Marketing


  8. Edward Says:

    Hey Beth,

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    These are excellent points that all people need to consider when looking at a business opportunity. Being an entrepreneur who created a technology company with a vision that everyone laughed at and said it could not be done and know it has grown to a multi-million dollar company working with customers like Walmart picking the right people is the key. If you do not have the right partners to work with the rest does not matter. Yes passion for the product and compensation plan etc must be there but people first. Many blessings for great success in all of your business endeavors.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    Edward´s last [type] ..The Opinions of Others…


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thank you Edward…People should always come first, you are quite right.
    Beth :)


  9. Eddie Espiritu Says:

    Beth, all valid tips. For me, I look at 4 factors. 1) The leadership 2) Validity of the product 3) Culture of the team 4) Training, systems, and tools

    There are others we could add to the list but in the end, we need to feel proud about what we represent and be able to sleep at night knowing we are doing good!
    Eddie Espiritu´s last [type] ..Network Marketing Tips – Never Quit!


  10. Pearly Says:

    Hi Beth

    Glad I stop by your post. Enjoy reading your tips about choosing the right MLM opportunity. Looking forward to read more from your post.

    Thanks for sharing your useful tips.



  11. Tommy DiPietro | MLM Sales Says:


    These are very useful tips.

    When my wife and I joined our business, it was all about
    spending a ton of money on training and no value coming from
    the top of the ranks.

    It is so important to share training and resources, especially
    if it is for free. You get a better commitment from someone
    that may be hesitate to purchase something.

    My upline said ‘this is all you have to purchase’ and when I started, they said that again but added ‘but you can purchase more to become successful faster’.

    Tommy D.
    Tommy DiPietro | MLM Sales´s last [type] ..How You Can Help Me Change The Face Of My MLM Sales Blog


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thanks Tommy, I appreciate your comment. It really gets me cross when people promise their downline the world and never deliver. They can’t possibly be successful. :)


  12. marquita herald Says:

    Great job of providing guidelines for searching for the right MLM opportunity Beth! I think that commitment to connect and consistent communication is really important.
    marquita herald´s last [type] ..A Man Who Has Discovered True Joy in Life …


  13. Steve Shoemaker Says:


    Great breakdown of what people need to consider when finding the right company. It can be pretty tricky not because there are lot’s of bad products out there just the opposite! I think one thing I would add would also be to look at the policies and procedures and to what your rights or not as a distributor.

    Steve Shoemaker´s last [type] ..Let’s Base Our Goals On What We Want To Give…


  14. Harley Says:

    Great article Beth. I’d add to not be fooled into believing you must find a sponsor at the top to have a leader as your sponsor. Some of the greatest leader have and will be the new person joining tomorrow. In fact, some top leaders have so many on their teams they can’t show the one on one attention needed for everyone. I look for what the person stands for, and if I feel they are genuine, and passionate for the product, company, their dreams, and helping others reach their dreams. Thanks for your passion Beth!


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Harley,

    I agree, it s always important to go with your instinct and how you get one with a person, after all we shouldn’t be wondering in to business with just anyone!

    Beth :)


  15. sapir Says:

    very useful article, thank you for sharing this!
    sapir´s last [type] ..Does a dishonorable discharge show up on a background check


  16. Alexander Paul Says:

    Hi Beth!

    Great summary of points for us all. During my first venture online I was so intruiged of the opportunity and full spirit to make it work. I signed up and went straight to work. The first weeks went by and I started to market, but once I received a question and didn’t found it on the resource pages reaching up to the upline was my next thought. With that in mind I went through the list of my upline (12 levels up) and sent first my direct sponser this question, but when I didn’t hear back I went further up, just to learn that no one answered my question… What a disappointment. For me personally knowing and connecting with the sponsor/upline next to be in the industry I am much passionate about are the first key elements when engaging into network marketing…

    Thx a lot for this point by point post and look forwardx to read your next post.

    All the best,

    Alexander Paul´s last [type] ..Business Planning Process With A Lesson From Evan Almighty


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    How annoying that can be…I am privileged to work with not one or two but a whole army of amazing people to work with in my team. Not only that bit it gives me great satisfacton that should my own downline be unable to get hold of me for whatever reason, timezone, other commitments, there are tons of great people that have my back.

    Beth :)


  17. Steve Nicholas Says:

    Great post, Beth! I think that the other problem about compensation plans is when people use language that clearly wouldn’t work, which means that there is something that they aren’t telling people. For example, I was in a company that switched from uni-level to binary, and they changed the bonuses so often I just lost track. Not only that, but they started talking about “infinitely deep” compensation plans. When I pointed out that they were talking about something like 25% for getting two people to sign up. How could you go “infinitely deep” that far?

    Then again, I realized that such language and such exotic bonus plans really meant that they were making it more and more difficult for people to qualify for any money at all and it was going to the top. My rule is that if you can’t explain the mechanics of the compensation plan (not the numbers, but the actual mechanics) in two or three sentences, there is probably something fishy or someone is explaining it wrong.


  18. Paul Reimers from Network Marketing Online Says:

    Thanks for this well balanced approach Beth,

    Every time I hear someone say “It’s all about…” I cringe. It’s true that the person who you partner up with is extremely important, but is that more important than what product or service you are actually promoting?

    The best decisions are based on a number of factors being a fit, not just one or two.
    Paul Reimers@Network Marketing Online´s last [type] ..Blog Comments and SEO – Are You Rewarding Your Commentors


  19. LeeAnn Townsend Says:

    Great points for making sure your in the right MLM for you. Doing your due diligence research is so important and a company you think that is the best may just not be right for another…does not mean that it is a bad company or product… Thanks for a great post about choosing the right MLM that fits for you. :)
    LeeAnn Townsend´s last [type] ..Is the your business opportunity better off worked at home or what


  20. Eldon Beard Says:

    Hi Beth, I think you’ve covered the basics of finding the right MLM well. The part about choosing the sponsor is more important than people sometime think. Just about anyone can be a “good sponsor” on the phone during the recruiting process, but how many will be there later when you need help? That’s really critical.
    Eldon Beard´s last [type] ..What About Offline MLM vs Online MLM?


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hi Eldon,

    I agree 100% A good sponsor will also have built that support network around them as well. So they know they have other people to lend a hand and leverage one anothers time.

    Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

    Beth :)


  21. Liz K : Success From Home Trainining Says:

    Hi Beth:

    You have really done a great job explaining how to go about joining a network marketing company. Clearly if anyone follow your guide above they will not go wrong. Yes, reading that handbook and the policies is so key. I say read it yourself, do not rely on your sponsor.. some of them may not have read it or might just say yes you can do it to get you on board.

    Yes, social media is not going anywhere unless someone can come up with the next big thing online. You are right some companies are still stuck in the old marketing methods that were used in the 60s and 70s. Doing your homework before joining is very important. Being in love with the products is definitely a big plus. Thanks for sharing.
    Liz K : Success From Home Trainining´s last [type] ..Taking Your Direct Sales Marketing Business Online


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thanks Liz, I am glad you found the post useful :) Feel free to connect with me anytime.

    Beth :)


  22. Rick Salas Says:

    Beth, You’re right on target on this post. Everything you mentioned is so true and is the secret to long term wealth in a home business that not many accomplish without going through a lot of pain and heartache.

    My favorite part is where you mentioned about people needing to know their niche. The products really do have to be close to what your niche is. Starting a successful business requires creating the core of your personal brand, understanding your marketing funnel, learning your giveaway that helps your niche target market and learning to market your free, paid and home business products to your niche are a must for success.

    It’s the only starting point for success. That’s why so many fail. It takes time to put all the pieces together but it’s well worth it because not very many people do it, much less take the time to research there competition and a profitable niche target market.

    Everything you mentioned really does help internet marketers find a good home and having a sponsor that masters in your areas of expertise ultimately helps new business owners become successful if they learn what is needed to become an expert in their niche. Thanks for sharing!

    Rick Salas
    Rick Salas´s last [type] ..Social Media Marketing Tips : A Hot Social Media Marketing Plan


  23. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    Hi Beth,

    really comprehensive article on a very important decision many of us make. It seems as though you have everything covered here.
    Thanks very much for the great advice!

    Talk soon,
    Kevin Schmidt´s last [type] ..Free Traffic and a Secret Strategy to Maximize Your Efforts


  24. Krystina | Network Marketing Success Says:

    I found the right MLM for myself. I like it because it focused on the internet.That way I can reach out to people all around the world.


  25. Rick Lelchuk Says:

    A comprehensive list of key areas on which to focus for your business venture.

    Regardless of which is chosen one must remember that work is involved. When my son’s were young and I told them I was going into business for myself, they both piped in and said I had it made now that I was in business for myself. I chuckled at their naivete knowing full well what it was going to take to be a success.

    Rick Lelchuk´s last [type] ..Resolving the Network Marketing Paradox


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