Commenting for Kudos

Commenting for Kudos
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Every wonder why some blogs have such great content but very rarely get any quality comments? It is so sad to see little interaction on quality information and work.  For some sites it’s because of little social media integration,  bad SEO, or no social media strategy at all and perhaps they have never invested in the one thing that they would like you do for them.

Comment on their blog!

Experienced bloggers know that if you don’t have blog comments and reciprocate, it is going to take a long time for you to get noticed. Unfortunately some bloggers don’t understand the Go-giver attitude and if you want some love you got to give a little love. It’s what I like to call. Commenting for Kudos.

Deciding to comment is actually the easy part.  It’s the quality of your comment that is going to make all the difference to how successful you are.  Let’s take a look at some different types of commenting.

Basic Commenting:  Think  ‘great post’ ‘thanks for sharing’ ‘great tip’  If you are lucky you might get a Retweet. (BOO!)

Intermediate Commenting: Your blog comment shows that you have actually read the post and might add a quote from the post with an added ‘I like what you said about…because…’  It will definitely include a Retweet which may also include a reference to why you liked the post. (DOING BETTER)

Advanced Commenting: This is where YOU and the comment  go over and above a  simple comment on the post, to extending your friendship and building a relationship on Facebook or other social networking sites as well as recommending them to your friends. (YAY FOR YOU!)

Advanced Go-giver Commenting: Now your comment goes much further than making new relationships and welcoming them in to you circle of friends.  You will openly display signs that you want them to succeed and you offer ways to do that, by going that extra mile.  This is often backed up by multiple syndications of their content on a variety of platforms and social bookmarking sites. (WE WUV YOU!)

Commenting when done well can often become a full-time job.  But if you can commit to a schedule with a minimum daily amount of syndications you will very quickly start to see increased traffic.  Be consistent in your approach, and reciprocate and interact with those comments that are left on your own blog.

If you would like to comment and share content with a group of like-minded people also passionate about syndicating please check out The Tribe Syndication Association Here

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6 Responses to “Commenting for Kudos”

  1. ohn from Jex girlfriend quotes Says:


    I believe that every comment must be approved provided that it has no spam or abusive language in it. Even if someone has just posted great post we must approve their comment in order to appreciate them for visiting our blogs. Each comment has a value.
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  2. teve from smy stress problem Says:

    Then there are also comments that help you improve and grow. The one that point out the flaws in our blog post. I think these are the most valuable comments where the feedback on post is constructive.
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  3. Lynda Cromar Says:

    Beth I like how you laid out the levels of commentators! It is true that we have to advance to the level of go-giver and give without necessarily expecting something in return!

    In my first month here (just one month can you believe it) I have increased my blog traffic by over 50% by not just commenting but actually interacting with the writer of the blog. It really works.

    I like your title Kudos, we all like Kudos, but real Kudos always come after we have earned them by giving back first. I love this TSA community and congratulations on a great article!
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  4. patricia Says:

    I have started blogging since a few months, I’m realtively a newbie in blogging and everyday I learn the secrets to improving the art of blogging.
    I agree that the quality of the comment is key to build instant rapport and what I love about commenting is the”spirit” that comes between the lines, learning more about the personality of who comments by his or her style , irony or even frequency in commenting back to your site.

    When the frequency is there, you know rapport is there too, which opens the doors to freindship an deven potential business.
    Again ,it is about consistency , presence and passion.

    Thanks for these tips, I’m taking into account your suggestions and wil come back again!


  5. Jane from blog traffic Says:

    The real purpose of commenting is to give a feedback. It also acts as a tool to attract traffic to your blog. However, the quality of comment is important so that author can improve his posts and get to know the pulse of his readers. All constructive comments should be considered as good gesture towards the improvement.
    Jane @ blog traffic´s last [type] ..Blogging Tips 101 Contest: Call For Sponsors And Participants


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Jane,

    I agree and I think that is why it is so important to actually read what our commentators say and leave on our blog. It’s not just about making your blog look busy, but it’s about interaction and building a community.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Beth :)


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