What are you doing with your time?

Wed, Jan 13, 2010

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So often we hear people say they just don’t have time, but how true is this? How much time do we spend doing really non-productive activities like watching reality TV, surfing the net, or watching films? If you are struggling to work at your goals right now, if you are struggling to grab an hour to just concentrate on building your business then we really need to do something about that.

I don’t think I am any different to anyone else, in fact I probably have even less spare time then most, but I spend JUST one hour a day dedicated to growing my business, building relationships and thinking about my next steps and Ideas inside my mind. ONE HOUR THAT’S IT!

I don’t do a lot on my business each day because there is only so much you can do when you working, raising a family and trying to do the chores! But I do a LITTLE and that’s one of the keys to success, little and often, one step in front of the other and before you know it a new door or opportunity has opened up in front of you.

In this video I concentrate on 3 concepts:

1. Changing non productive pastimes to productive ones
2. Connecting to your inner self when your driving, in the shower, doing the dishes…. Whatever!!
3. Leveraging your time through Tribe Syndication

Hey and I even mentally prepared the content of this video, just driving home in my car today. I am no different to you, if you really have a big enough WHY, lots of determination and some non productive activities in your life we can turn your time in to something special.

I hope you like my video.
Until the next time

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9 Responses to “What are you doing with your time?”

  1. Jan Hill Says:

    Hi Beth - Thank you for this great post. Leveraging your time is key for success in everything we do. Watching television and mindless time spent on Facebook is definitely non-productive and I don’t think people really realize how much time they spend just doing nothing. I love you idea about using the time while you are driving to prepare for things - presentations, videos, whatever. It is also time to listen to some great audio - some people call it their “University on Wheels”. Thanks again Beth, great job!


  2. Nick Logan Says:

    Absolutely Beth. We all have 24 hours in a day. It helps when you are working your passion. It also helps if you have a system in place that helps you make the most of your time. Thanks for the great video…
    Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: The Go Giver and Blogging Advice My ComLuv Profile


  3. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    Great post and insights Beth! When we maximize our time usage, by leveraging it to its fullest, we end up with more time for the things in life that really matter! We should be critical with our time so that we waste the least amount, and maximize what we have available to spend with family! You have such a drive and determination, your going to go far!
    Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..Wordpress Plugin Review: KeywordLuv My ComLuv Profile


  4. Beth Allen Says:

    Right on, Beth! It is so important to be productive and not just busy! I think this point of differentiation is one of the most important to reaching our potential and achieving the success of our dreams!

    Thanks for sharing these great tips…and btw, I LOVE your accent and could listen to you all day! :)
    Beth Allen´s last blog ..Day 17 ~ The Skillful Art of Energy Managment My ComLuv Profile


  5. Jose H. Caraballo Says:

    You hit it right on the head Beth. “HIGH PAYOFF ACTIVITIES” is the name of the game. This is the key to true productivity. I love the tips on how we can make even tedious tasks into productive time.
    Jose H. Caraballo´s last blog ..The Simplest Way to Order Your Free Annual Credit Report My ComLuv Profile


  6. Jaclyn Castro Says:

    This is Great stuff, Beth!

    I’m with you in that we MUST find a way to leverage your time. We are all valuable beings, what more with our time?!

    It’s a challenge for me to work my biz in one hour/day…

    But I’m gonna try doing that…just for one day (today) to see how that works for me.

    Thanks for reminding us that if we want to reach our goals we need to prioritize our time. And yup, leveraging via tribe syndication is not a bad idea.

    Those of you who haven’t tried it yet…will fall in love with it b/c it really does do your time justice.

    Talk soon, Beth!

    Smiles from Guam,
    Jaclyn Castro
    Jaclyn Castro´s last blog ..“Leave Your Presence With a Gravatar” My ComLuv Profile


  7. Bill Hartman Says:


    Great post, Time is a the one commodity that we all have the same amount of. What we do with our time is crucial. We must take time for ourselves to replenish the mind and help keep the WHY in front of us.



  8. Bob White Says:

    Hi Beth - It is becoming a habit for me to spend my FIRST business hour of every day “syndicating” on social media - we are the first generation of humans to be able to have a virtual marketing capability 24 hours per day ! and it’s FREE !

    You have some great content here Beth ! I promise to return whenever I receive an update.


    Bob White


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thanks Bob,

    That’s is a great routine to have doing an hour everyday. It makes all the difference to your traffic in the long run.

    Beth :)


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