The Simple Life

Tue, Jun 26, 2012

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The Simple Life

I want to be a truly successful Social Media Marketing and Personal Development Expert!…There I said it!…Realising this dream has meant, that over the last few months I have had to start re-evaluating my life and making changes for the better.  The trouble is, I am  a fulltime mum and girlfriend and I work full time.

I have been trying to make my life as simple as possible, making small but effective changes to my life in order that I can make this dream come true.  I recently read a great book by a guy called Leo Babauta who writes about The Power of Less and the 6 Essential Productivity Principles that Will Change Your Life.  I was attracted to Leo Babauta originally because he is a fellow blogger and author of the top ten blog Zen Habits and within a matter of a few short years he had fought hard to overcome, debt, and an intolerable work life balance.

His words resonated with me and the principles he taught seemed so simple and easy to implement.  One of the biggest impacts his writings have had on me, has been the creation of simple and easily achievable routines.  Just three short months ago, this concept seemed alien, how could someone who works so hard possibly make her life simple.

When you are working full-time like me (or even if you are not), there are 2 specific times of the day which you can change and make an unbelievable difference to your life.  These times are known simply as MORNING and EVENING.

And to anyone who is thinking I can’t make mornings and evenings simpler, think about this for a second.  The morning and evenings are two specific periods of the day when YOU and only YOU can decide what to do… decide when you get up and you decide when you go to bed.  Guess what….. your boss doesn’t make you do any of that. YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL of what you do at EACH of these times.

But believe me, I am not special when it comes to making these times of the day work. Before I read this book, whilst I knew I could be more productive I repeatedly decided to get up late, to have no breakfast and decided what to wear 1 minute before I put it on.

My life was like this for many more years than I care to think about, and it went something like this…

Hitting snooze for as many times as possible without actually being late, having a quick wash, brushing my teeth, asking my daughter to get out of bed, dressing and washing her while she is half asleep.  Flicking the TV on and making breakfast for my daughter in record speed…getting dressed, slapping some make-up on…turning the TV off, putting shoes and coats on, grabbing school bags and hoping everything was correctly in them….walking fast pace up the hill to school, kissing goodbye….running down the hill from school…..jumping in the car…. driving 45 minutes to work….running across busy roads…..catching my breath in a 1 minute elevator ride, pacing up the corridor, sitting at my desk and feeling like I just run a marathon and putting my head on my never ending to do list! ….I am exhausted already and its not even 9.30am and even worse I looked like this.


Now believe me, making a change to your morning routine is not easy.  It takes will-power, focus and determination but this change has done me and my family the power of good. Mostly because I am not stressed out anymore and running around like a headless chicken who hasn’t had time to make herself breakfast, (probably because I had no head to feed.)

Whilst not everyone is a morning person, if you can get yourself up earlier than normal it will make the world of difference to you.  The great thing about early morning wake ups is that there is not a soul about apart from the birds in the trees, which I love to listen too.  It is silent, there is solitude, there is no hussle and bussle, I have time to sit, to reflect, to read, to write.

I like to use my morning time to do the following:

* Make a  delicious morning smoothie
* Set the goals for the day
* Write
* Read
* Listen to music
* Peaceful reflecting and contemplating
* Take a bath or shower

Try to make your own morning routine, do it everyday for a couple of  weeks and you will soon see the power of not rushing about and having time to breathe. Remember the key is to keep your morning as simple as possible it is not about cramming in loads of activities that you could have done the night before.

Here are a few ideas of what you might try:

*Have a coffee/tea
*write your journal
*take a bath or shower,
* eat your breakfast
* read
* meditate
* yoga
* go for a walk

Whilst creating routine is easier said then done, making them habit is the key, make sure your routine becomes your focus until you have mastered your morning routine.  Log what you find works and what doesn’t, revaluate and try again until you get a nice balance of simple activities you like to do in the morning.  Don’t make your routines boring, or unrewarding, they need to be something that you look forward to.  In the evenings make sure you prepare for the next day, doing things like making your lunch, choosing your outfit, packing school and work bags.

Have fun with it and let me know how you get on……Oh and by the way I look like this now :-)


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42 Responses to “The Simple Life”

  1. Teresa Ivory Says:

    Oh, Beth! This was me too! It’s such a problem for so many people in our rush-around, try-get-it-all-done world. Thanks for posting this reminder to slow down and take the time to be organized and calm.
    .-= Teresa Ivory´s last blog ..Go-Giver Dad =-.


  2. Shekinah Says:

    Ok where do I start? Well I think that I’ll start here I feel relaxed just reading your article. I tell you the mornings can be so peaceful and they can really set the tone for how the rest of your day is going to be. If you rush in the morning in my opinion u will be rushing all day maybe not physically but mentally. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I also feel like the way that you start is the way that you will finish, breakfast jump starts your metabolism and i think your routine jumps starts the tone of the day. Well done Beth another great article that will help me in my everyday life :) !
    .-= Shekinah´s last blog ..YOU’RE FIRED! – Important Lessons I Learned From The Apprentice =-.


  3. Lori Robertson Says:

    Beth, my goodness this has stirred some memories in me when I was a 9-5 employee, a single mom and girlfriend, you hit it on the head. Those few suggestions that you gave can have a huge impact on your entire day and the stress of the 9-5 can become easier. I do need to walk more! LOL!
    .-= Lori Robertson´s last blog ..How To Attract Prosperity Into Your Life =-.


  4. Corey Ellis Says:

    Beth, my grandfather had a saying, “Everything is Peaches”. It meant that all was good. After reading this post and looking at you drinking wine. Looks like “everything is peaches” now.

    Loved the Post, Getting to a point of the Simple Life is definitely one of my goals.

    .-= Corey Ellis´s last blog ..MLM Secrets: How To Effectively Syndicate Your Blog Post And Gain More MLM Leads =-.


  5. Beth Allen Says:

    What a FABULOUS post. Beth, I love you. You are brilliant, committed beyond most, huge-hearted and hilarious to boot! :)

    I cannot wait for the day you announce that you are leaving your 9-5 ~ you will have a global community toasting a cheers and celebrating with you!

    I am a huge fan of morning routines and love that you have found a way to rise earlier and take care of yourself. You deserve it! And, it truly does impact the rest of your day in profound ways!

    Great tips, keep rockin’ ~ and btw, your exhausted self looks like, I’m jealous! :)
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid??? =-.


  6. Lynn Glaser Says:

    Hey Beth,

    It’s great that you can talk by experience here, the before and after shots show the difference so well LOL! It’s definitely something I’ve been trying to master myself, when I get up early it feels more like ‘me time’ than any other time of the day. It’s quiet, peaceful, calm, new and fresh, I can achieve so much more at that time of the day perhaps it’s my clear head. Great tips Beth, keep them coming :-)

    .-= Lynn Glaser´s last blog ..Facebook Connections Part 2 – Keep The Conversation Flowing =-.


  7. Jennifer Akers Says:


    Excellent post in sharing tips on how to start your day … the simple life is indeed rich. Like your other posters said, I agree that the way you start your morning can color how your day goes. I’m not a morning person either, but I started waking up earlier to write. In that little bit of quiet, I’m getting more done and certainly feel more productive the rest of the day.

    Looking forward to trying more of your tips in my morning routine.

    .-= Jennifer Akers´s last blog ..My Resource Lens For Writers and Readers … =-.


  8. Dave and Dawn Says:


    I love this post and especially the photo of what you look liked after just 9:30am. You really made me laugh at that point! LOL

    So many times we are all in a rush and like you said, it’s just a matter of having the correct routine. As Jim Rohn says, he found it amazing the Rich and Poor people have the same amount of time. Each of us only have 24 hours in a day. The difference is, “What do you do with those 24 hours?”

    Making the right decisions in life will either take you in positive direction or just the opposite. Every decision we make in our lives will determine our future. We are glad to found something so simple that it will have a positive impact on your life.

    Committed To Your Success!
    Dave and Dawn
    .-= Dave and Dawn´s last blog ..More Steps to Riches from Ancient Times =-.


  9. Bruce Backman Says:

    Thanks Beth…changing up is so difficult because of the problem with familiarity. The fear of the unknown, even though we sense the unknown may be a good territory to dwell, so often hinders us from making those changes you talk about. We have so much potential to do things differently in our lives…but many of us have a hard time changing.

    However, you paint such a peaceful picture of how life may look vs. the rush and stress of a “normal” routine that it hopefully will inspire people to the possibilities of a simpler and yet much more effective flow in life.

    Thank you so much!
    .-= Bruce Backman´s last blog ..When Love is More than Enough =-.


  10. Evin Anderson Says:

    Thanks Beth,

    I could really relate to this post. I live the same way except for im on the graveyard shift. I would always find myself beating up on my alarm clock and before racing like some kind of NASCAR driver to work. I will definately work on my routine because life really is a lot simpler when your not in a rush.

    Thanks for the insight
    Be Blessed


  11. Val Wilcox Says:

    I love your sense of humor! I know I need my time in the morning to breath and pull myself together. I am a wreck without it.

    Ric laughed at me for getting up earlier than necessary, until he saw how unproductive I was without that small chunk of time to sit and say “Ahhhhh” :)

    Thanks. Think I’ll send this to him!
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Can You Hear Me Now? =-.


  12. Debbie Stevens Says:


    I can SO identify with you. It makes a world of difference in not only how your day goes, but how you look when you get where you going. LOL

    I think almost everyone struggles with this, but you have broken it down into some simple action steps that anyone can implement easily in order to facilitate change.

    Thanks again for a great post.
    .-= Debbie Stevens´s last undefined ..Response cached until Wed 17 @ 18:26 GMT (Refreshes in 22.51 Hours) =-.


  13. Edward Says:

    Great post Beth! I love the before and after shots :-)
    It is so true how so many people (including myself at one time) go through life rushing around with our head cut off. I am reminded of the hitting the snooze button part of my life. I remember doing it until it stopped snoozing before! LOL! A great teacher and mentor of mine, Robin Sharma, said to me that if you need to find an extra hour in your day then wake up an hour earlier. This was the trigger for me to make a difference in my life and move forward. Now over eight years later, I find it hard to want to go to sleep at all. Life is so full of exciting moments and I want to live them all to the fullest.
    Thanks again for this great post!
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

    BTW - Congrats on being TSA #1 Syndicator of the week! Glad to share this honor with such an amazing woman as yourself. You deserve it!


  14. Kellie Says:

    I must admit, I read this post after it was shared on facebook because your harried look was familiar LOL, I laughed out loud even before reading the post. My mornings usually start around 3 a.m. & not even the birds are singing :-) but it is peaceful. I am going to try to work towards your after shot but the before one was quite interesting to say the least. Thanks for sharing a great read and a good laugh.


  15. Karin Says:

    What an inspiring post. When I read it, it sounded like the logical thing to do. But I have to be honest, getting up earlier is not something I believe I could enjoy.
    However, I have been able to simplify things some, by asking myself the question what adds value (in business, but also in day to day life, in friendships etc.). This has helped me weed out some wasted time, that made me feel better.
    If I ever get to the point where I feel like in your first picture again, I will reread your post and, who knows, you may be able to persuade me to get up earlier. If that happens, I will let you know.
    .-= Karin´s last blog ..What are good research sources for your articles? =-.


  16. Johneal Rouse Says:

    Oh what a shame…’ve gone normal and organised!! Thanks for being a living demonstration that if we are willing to work at it there’s always time and space for us to shift to more empowered patterns that work in our favor. That you are able to do all of this around a full time job is inspirational and shows a level of commitment that is very impressive….you are in compete control indeed:)
    Thanks for the fun post!!


  17. Darlene Davis Says:

    Morning has always been my favorite time of day in that you “own” the world. It is quiet, uninterrupted time … What I haven’t been consistently doing is establishing a routine. They say it takes 29 days to establish a habit. Starting tomorrow morning, I’ll set up a routine.

    Leo Babauta is a new author I’ve not read. Thanks for the great tip. I’ll add “The Power of Less” to my reading musts!
    .-= Darlene Davis´s last blog ..Passion For Music – Part I =-.


  18. Kristi Riley Says:

    EXCELLENT POST TWO THUMBS UP HIGH!!! I especially love the tongue out picture haha very nice!!! Aren’t morning routines fun lol!!!
    .-= Kristi Riley´s last blog ..My Girlfriend Cheated On Me…With A Girl!!! =-.


  19. Jerry Says:

    It’s always interested to see life from someone else’s perspective. I have a lot of respect for those who can juggle so many responsibilities around like you have done. As long as you keep things balanced, you shouldn’t have any problems with accomplish your big time goal. Go for it girl!
    .-= Jerry´s last blog ..My Autoresponder, My Secretary =-.


  20. Jose H. Caraballo Says:

    Great post with great energy. I have been struggling with this for years myself so I know exactly what you are talking about. I am going to improve on this area tomorrow morning!

    Thanks for the great reminder.
    .-= Jose H. Caraballo´s last blog ..How I Tame the Tribe Syndication “Monster” with Google Reader! =-.


  21. Wes Burton Says:

    So true, givingmyrself the time in the morning to create a peaceful, centered space to move throughout the day is essential part of my day and I will not have it any other way. I can relate to this story so well I could have written it myself, great post and thanks.
    .-= Wes Burton´s last blog ..Compassionate Communication, it’s a choice AND a technique =-.


  22. Nancy Burke Barr Says:

    Hi Beth!

    This is such a helpful post. I have had a morning routine before and it was wonderful. With children (of all ages), it is a huge help to be up, ready and dressed before the children wake up!

    This is a great reminder to return to some solid organizational principles!

    Thank you Beth…..Is that you with the wine in the morning? Maybe THAT’s the secret! Haha!
    .-= Nancy Burke Barr´s last blog ..WHO IS MENTOR MAMA? =-.


  23. Kathy Jodrey Says:

    Wow….I can SO relate! Although (fortunately) I do not work a full time job, I am a master of getting up too late then cramming way too many activities into way too little time.

    I keep telling myself I’ll start getting up earlier but really, I’m only accountable to myself which makes it way too easy to roll over and go back to sleep for another half hour (then another half hour), when I could be enjoying the day.

    Time to start a new habit. I want to look like picture #2!
    .-= Kathy Jodrey´s last blog ..Have You Given Yourself Permission to Receive? =-.


  24. Tone Floreal Says:

    You crack me up, Beth! I love the WILD picture!!!

    I am in alignment with your message. Simplicity is Power. I’m always at AWE on how successful single mommies pull it off?! My mother was a single parent and superwoman, too!

    When I was working a job and marketing at the same time, I was the most productive. I had to carve out any extra time during the day to devote to the business. Late night was my most creative times. I was never a morning person so I flowed with what was natural for me. Yet, I would be so filled with energy from my late night sessions that I would automatically wake up early the next day. What a paradox?!

    I remember Leo Babauta’s name when I lived in Guam. There are so many amazing peeps from that tiny island nation. They helped me when I hit “rock-bottom.” I’ll never ever forget their love and support.

    Infinite Success,
    .-= Tone Floreal´s last blog ..Rice-A-Toni…A San Francisco Treat! =-.


  25. Stew Shaw Says:

    Beth - what a refreshingly honest post about the positive steps you’ve taken towards gaining back some control in your life. Well done, and beautifully expressed.

    Looking right ahead, as Beth Allen said above there’ll be great rejoicing for you when you are able to escape that stressful day job.

    I’m a night shift worker and in a stressful environment too, so that brings its own challenges.

    Here’s to us all being able to solve life’s stresses
    .-= Stew Shaw´s last blog ..Frank Kern Fail – Toys R Not Us! =-.


  26. Shekinah Says:

    Beth I thank you for another positive post that will help me with outcomes. Our minds are so powerful and I think that we forget that sometimes. Garbage in and garbage out! If we don’t learn to forgive those that may have hurt us in the past and let go it can definitely damage us towards our future goals. Thank you for the reminder that we think therefore we are and if we think on positive things it will transform every area of our life!
    .-= Shekinah´s last blog .. =-.


  27. Beverly Monical Says:

    I really enjoyed this Beth.Routines are important to me.When I get out of my routine I feel overwhelmed when I return home. A routine keeps me sane.


  28. Amanda Lee Says:

    Great post Beth. The day definitely turns out differently depending on whether I have got up earlier to meditate. Also exercise. Not rushing the kids makes a huge difference and makes it so much more possible to really be in the moment with them and appreciate them. Have you read or listened to Stephen Covey’s “First Things First”? I think you would love have inspired me to write a post on it. Cheers Amanda


  29. Coach Freddie Says:

    Hey Beth,
    Good tips about taking time for yourself in the mornings. Days seem to go a lot smoother.

    Coach Freddie
    .-= Coach Freddie´s last blog ..Rules For Being Human =-.


  30. PrimalToad Says:

    Hey! I found this post through the UTribe :)

    I have been trying to live a more simple life over the past month or so as well. Ever since I went primal 2 months ago I have been waking up around 6 am, sometimes earlier! It has been an incredible experience having this morning time to myself. I enjoy my morning walks while listening to the sounds of nature - it is truly powerful.

    I really enjoyed this line you wrote: “The great thing about early morning wake ups is that there is not a soul about apart from the birds in the trees, which I love to listen too. It is silent, there is solitude, there is no hussle and bussle, I have time to sit, to reflect, to read, to write.”

    I agree 100%!
    .-= PrimalToad´s last blog ..If You Want Happiness In Your Life Then Simply Choose It =-.


  31. Chris Hilaire Says:

    Hey Beth,
    I love reading your posts you have a way of making them just make sense. I’m very lucky that I have always got up early and been able to organise my day, but my wife on the other hand… Oh my she wakes up “OMG is that the time quick I gotta do this, now I gotta do that” lol Just get up half an hour earlier and slow down for a “Simpler Life”.
    I think it was Henry Ford that once said “if you lose an hour in the morning you’ll spend the rest of the day trying to find it”.

    Great post

    Keep smiling

    Chris :)


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Chris,

    OMG was I your wife…not literally but I totally know the feeling of rushing about and feeling exhausted before I even started the day. I hope your wife learns there is an easier way in life and I am glad you like my posts. Thanks Chris

    Beth :)


  32. Steve Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Beth. Nicely summed up.



  33. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    Hey Beth,

    I’m guilty… I am running like crazy every morning!
    On the odd occasion when I get an early start it is so nice and sets the day off right. hmmm I wonder if i can actually do this… we’ll see!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Kevin Schmidt´s last [type] ..Covering a Song and a Business


  34. Kyle from After High School Says:


    Loved the post Beth. I have not been a morning person lately and I keep telling myself that I’m going to get back on track soon. I think this is the motivation that I need to get going.

    I would get started tomorrow but it’s already 1:23 a.m. as I write this.
    Maybe the next day… =)

    Kyle@ After High School´s last [type] ..Don’t Take This Personally But…


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Haha, hey Kyle…you know, I think part of my not being a natural morning person is the fact that I stay up really late. But I am a night owl and that has always been the time when I am most productive, so not sure whether that will ever change.



  35. Eldon Beard Says:

    Hello Beth, love this post. I actually get up 1 1/2 hours earlier each morning than I have to, and use that time to plan by business activities. I do a lot of my writing and blogging at that time also, because it’s quiet and I don’t feel so rushed and distracted. Works great!
    Eldon Beard´s last [type] ..Give Your Network Marketing Team a Fast Start


  36. Sue Price Says:

    Hi Beth
    Great post. I have used mornings for many years. When my daughter was young I was completing a University degree, working full time and we had about 30 staff. I used to do my study, assignments etc early morning. Sometimes I got up at 4 AM.
    When I did go out to work I had my clothes out the night before and lunches made etc.
    These days I either go to the gym, yoga or the beach. I love mornings but as you say you need to train yourself.

    Thank again for a great post.

    Sue Price´s last [type] ..Video Traffic Academy Review


  37. Marjorie T. Delcambre Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Wow! very informative post. I have a busy life too but I don’t look beautiful as you :) Well I will try some of the things you have done. Simple life is easy to say but really hard to live :)
    Marjorie T. Delcambre´s last [type] ..MLM success


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    LOL bless you, I am not feeling too beautiful today haha.


  38. Marnie Byod Says:

    Great insights and I learn so much from you Beth. I appreciate you for being positive in life and your now my inspiration. Having a simple life is the best thing that we can do. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Marnie Byod´s last [type] ..mitchelton suburb profile


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    You are welcome Marnie, thank you for visiting my blog :)


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