Reasons Why You Need a Blog (Part 3)

Reasons Why You Need a Blog (Part 3)
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Blogs Are Social Media Friendly

Having a blog should be part of a wider social media strategy. If you already have a blog and haven’t given much thought as to how it fits in with all the other social media jigsaw pieces get your FREE Social Media Manifesto Here

And if you don’t… well you will also find the manifesto useful as it explains exactly why you need one, how to do it right and how to personally brand yourself and create traffic through social media marketing.

The great thing about blogs, especially word press blogs.  Is that they are totally social media friendly.  Never has it been so easy to integrate your blog with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and to assist in the process of content syndication, helping to promote your brand and business on numerous other social platforms and social bookmarking sites.

The very nature of a blog is socialable.  They provide an environment where you can comment and socialise with your readers on a truly personal level, never experienced before. You can interact and bring to life stories through video, audio and photography.

You are also able to connect with people you have met on social networks, forums, or through articles you have written. There is an array of quality plug-ins that you can utilise to enhance your readerships experience further such as the digg digg plug-in which provides the social buttons like facebook share, tweet meme, Google buzz and stumbleupon etc.

The Widget Section of your blog allows you to include gadgets such as Google Connect, Networked Blogs and Twitter Counter to name but a few.  These widgets show evidence of your active followers, adding weight to your authenticity and trust worthiness.

Blogs, Plug-ins and Widgets are easy to maintain.  You need very little in the way of computer skills and very little HTML knowledge.  Blogs are also extremely low cost to run.  In fact the revenue you will make in time from your services, products and affiliate links, will undoubtedly over shadow the low set-up, blog design and monthly hosting costs.

Finally if you are serious about having a successful social media marketing strategy for your business, you will undoubtedly need to be utilising one of the most cutting edge methods in generating tons of free and targeted traffic.  That is the method of tribe syndication.

Tribe syndication is a method used by a group of people who help one another to syndicate content to each others social networks and social bookmarking sites.  As there is power in numbers the exposure using this technique can be astronomical.

Having said this, there are a number of different tribe syndication methods and you may want to check out previous posts I have written called The Unified Tribe System and or Tribe Syndication Methods Part 1.  Above all make sure that you are utilising the best method for your current personal circumstances.

I hope you have found this post helpful, for any specific information on anything contained here please contact me and I would be more than happy to help you out with your marketing efforts.

Yours in Success,

P.S If you are wanting a professional but affordable design service to give your blog and social media presence the celebrity look  you were looking for.  Don’t Miss This ==> Social Media Celebrity Design Solutions

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20 Responses to “Reasons Why You Need a Blog (Part 3)”

  1. Dr. Erica Goodstone Says:

    Your blog posts always offer such valuable social media information. I only started valuing blogging very recently. Prior to that I have spent time writing articles, which are also good, but on my blog I have so much more interaction. It is fun and helps to build my brand and my business. Thanks.
    .-= Dr. Erica Goodstone´s last blog ..Boundaries of Love =-.


  2. Nicole Rushin Says:

    How can you do social media without a blog? I saw a friend a few weeks ago in a local sandwich shop and she was talking about how her web designer was not getting enough business. I was telling her how easy it was to create a blog platform and a lot of people are using their blogs for web-sites. I said that maybe he needs to change his focus a little. She said, “A blog! I am not blogging.” What an odd response. Too bad for her. I think having a blog is essential if you want to correctly promote your brand.


  3. Chris Bernardo Says:


    Thanks for sharing this info on Reasons why you need a blog, i know for those that truly take the time and find widgets, plug ins to express who they are and share that along with good places to syndicate which you list it is truly a perfect combination to having a fun and successful blog!
    .-= Chris Bernardo´s last blog ..Saving Money and Time by Working Smart =-.


  4. Bill Cowan Says:

    Connecting with people through my Blog has been fun and rewarding. Not to mention the traffic that’s coming my way. I think others need to reconsider the value of using the Internet and getting a Blog. Thanks Beth!
    .-= Bill Cowan´s last blog ..Dessert Overboard =-.


  5. Carolyn Blake Says:

    Hi Beth, I remember when blogging was a mystery to me…not that long ago. Now I can’t imagine not having one! I think of it as my headquarters where I stay in touch with everyone I am connected with. And you are sure right about WP blogs. Now anyone can do blogging.
    Great to meet you from TSA!
    .-= Carolyn Blake´s last blog ..Backlinks – Where- How- and Why =-.


  6. Carolyn from Meet Carolyn Blake Says:

    Hi Beth, I remember when blogging was a mystery to me…not that long ago. Now I can’t imagine not having one! I think of it as my headquarters where I stay in touch with everyone I am connected with. And you are sure right about WP blogs. Now anyone can do blogging.
    Great to meet you from TSA!
    .-= Carolyn@ Meet Carolyn Blake´s last blog ..Backlinks – Where- How- and Why =-.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Carolyn,

    Great to connect with you too, I don’t know what I did before my blog lol…It is my new best friend.

    Bethv :)


  7. Nelson Says:

    Word Press is so cool. I’m not sure I would be doing this if it weren’t for the ease of word press. I always come away from here with something. Beth your always on point.
    .-= Nelson´s last blog ..“He was Voted Most Likely To Not Make It” =-.


  8. Matthew Neer Says:

    Love the post Beth, you blog is like your centralized hub where you drive all your social media traffic back to. Without a blog you are leaving out the missing puzzle piece. But you can’t just have any blog, you gotta have a WordPress blog.

    Talk soon,
    Matthew Neer
    .-= Matthew Neer´s last blog ..Facebook Dropping Atom Bomb On Google =-.


  9. Andrew Sayers Says:

    Hi Beth,
    Great articles and your site is very impressive. I’m sold, I need a WordPress site!


    .-= Andrew Sayers´s last blog ..Sales Surgery Part 2 - Sales Managers =-.


  10. David Merrill Says:

    Homerun! You’ve really hit all the biggest reasons to be blogging if you’re serious about being successful online.

    Thanks for such a great series, Beth, it’s a great teach.
    .-= David Merrill´s last blog ..Blogging Alliances – Building The Bonds of Tribal Community =-.


  11. Sonny Lanorias Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I totally agree with this! It’s like if social networking is like going to a big party, having a blog is like hosting your own party! And blogs are by far the fastest, easiest way to build your own piece of virtual real estate online. But you don’t want to do this on your own when it comes to syndication, so this is where UT comes in. Great stuff. Thanks for your leadership Beth :)
    Sonny Lanorias´s last [type] ..Why You Need To Leverage A Proven Online Marketing System When First Starting Out A Business


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hi Sonny,

    Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked my post. There are lots of other ways you can syndicate and get exposure which I use in conjunction with the UT…not sure if you are aware of them all, but I would love to share more info if you are interested.



  12. Rob Franta Says:

    As always great information. I personally have had a blog for years, however I never put much time or effort into it. I am now kicking myself for thinking it was not important to feed my blog fresh content on a regular basis.

    I have since stared using my blog the way it was intended, in just a few short weeks it is already paying off for me.

    Thanks for this great series on blogging.

    Rob Franta´s last [type] ..My Anniversary You Big Week!


  13. Beth Says:

    Hi Beth,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I could not agree how important it is to have a tribe as a part of your marketing plan . We are both a member of TSA tribe and I find it a valuable resource on a every day basis. All the best Rosemary
    Beth´s last [type] ..Want to Keep Your Private Files and Folders safe from Snoopers.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    The TSA rocks! :) <======Join Here :)


  14. Rachel Lavern from Live for Success Says:

    I once thought that I did not need a blog because Facebook and Twitter were so popular. With so many cyber attacks, spam and accounts on Facebook being hacked on a daily basis, we have to diversify our online real estate portfolio. Establishing our blog as home base gives you the
    most leverage and visibility for our investment of time, energy and money.
    Rachel Lavern@Live for Success´s last [type] ..What Are Your Limitations?


  15. Kevin DeRoo from Says:

    Hey Beth,

    Excellent article, … WordPress does indeed make blogging very easy to do and also affordable to the general masses.

    I always refer to my blog as my home base or store front. Using Social Media to attract new customers, business partners, and friends to our blog can be a very fun and profitable adventure indeed.

    Thanks so much for sharing Beth,

    Kevin´s last [type] ..Video Marketing - Uploading Your Production


  16. Man Ray from SEO Reseller Says:

    If your blog has the option of being shared on social media, then it’s going to be helpful in expanding your blog audience. Yes, blogs are social media friendly, but do make sure that the readers have the power to share your content on their pages.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    I agree, it is important that it is as easy as possible for people to share and WANT to share our content. Thanks for your comment.



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