22. June 2010


Day 4 and 5 Blog Content Challenge - Never Give Up

We hear this phrase fairly regularly, it is like the unwritten rule of bravado that we all have in side of us and blurt out when the time is right to jeer our friends and family on.  But have you ever thought in detail about the concept of perseverance.

For me there are three types [...]

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20. June 2010


Day 3 Blog Content Challenge - Where do you want to be in 5 Years from now?

Have you ever been asked the question, where would you like to be in 5 years time.  I know I have many times. Sometimes I have had a vision and a plan and other times I haven’t.
If you are focused towards producing an ideal future for you and your family, goal setting is a [...]

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19. June 2010


Blog Content Challenge Day 2 - I have a gift for you!

Your best friend phones you out of the blue and announces that they have a gift for you.  You immediately start to visualise the shape, size and texture of the gift, wrapped up in its beautiful wrapping paper with a delicate bow tied around it for decoration.

You haven’t see your friend for almost 4 months [...]

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18. June 2010


The 30 day Blog Content Challenge

A Challenge; quite simply is ‘a call or summons to engage in a competition or any contest’…Last night in between eating my supper and getting my daughter ready for bed, I had a conversation with the lovely Kimberly Castleberry.
She turned my attention to the 30 day content challenge that she had orchestrated. I was already [...]

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14. June 2010


Making sure you actually work when you work from home!

You will have to train yourself and have a lot of will power. The idea of working from home is desirable, but how easy is it to get the work done. The key to a successful working practice is routine.
Once you are up and the kids are off to school, make sure you get straight [...]

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6. June 2010


What has the Universe done for you today?

Do you ever feel like you have too much to do and that you would like to get off the merry-go-round of life, long enough to catch your breath?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the busyness of your life, your relationships, kids, bills, home based business, housework?
Yes???……..Well you’re not alone.
Recently, I have been [...]

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30. May 2010


Becoming a Senior Utopian

If you are anything like me, you will always have wanted to run before you could walk.  You want to have all the answers to everything before you make a start with anything.  You are a perfectionist you want to be the best all of the time and because of this, you have a tendency [...]

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17. May 2010


A 5 Year Old, a flashing scooter, three frogs and a kazoo

As you have probably guessed from the title.  I am not going to write a post on anything business related, anything social media or network marketing.  No today I shall write what I have coined an ‘authentic me’ post….I might change that it’s not very catchy.
So  the idea about an ‘authentic me’ blog  post is [...]

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10. May 2010


The Unified Tribe System

Over the last few years the internet has been transformed into a social media playground never before has it been easier to connect with people from all aspects of the globe, information is at our fingertips and we have the potential to be who we want to be and create infinite amounts of wealth.
A new [...]

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5. May 2010


Tribe Syndication Methods, Systems and Tools Part 1

In part one of this series I will be concentrating on my personal experience of tribe syndication and some of the free tribe syndication movements that have emerged over the last 6 months.  In part two I will be taking a closer look at some of the tools that can be used to effectively syndicate [...]

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26. April 2010


De-Cluttering for Clarity

Do you find it difficult to concentrate at work, in your office?  Are you overwhelmed by the jobs you have to do around your home, have you bills, letters and other items just cluttering up your environment.  Well if this sounds like you, you might really benefit from having a de-clutter.

This post in part follows [...]

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12. April 2010


Gravatars and Signatures - ABC of Building your Brand

Today I want to share some really simple and practical steps on getting your personal brand noticed.  If you are new to the blogging scene, you might not have had time to grab yourself a gravatar yet or added the personal touch of a professional looking signature.  But if you are regularly commenting on other [...]

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2. April 2010


Like-Mindedness in Business

Writing this post has been some what like writing an undergraduate essay because I have changed my mind back and fourth so many times. I have analysed, evaluated and interpreted information (which is something that would have been most welcomed by my old Social and Political Science lecturers of time long gone).
So here is my [...]

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22. March 2010


What does your mind say about you?

The mind is one of the most powerful elements of a persons being.  It has the ability to destroy a person and to make some one crumble to their knees, to reek havoc and chaos and stop a person in their tracks.  However, at the same time the mind can be trained and manipulated it [...]

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15. March 2010


The Simple Life

I want to be a truly successful Social Media Marketing and Personal Development Expert!…There I said it!…Realising this dream has meant, that over the last few months I have had to start re-evaluating my life and making changes for the better.  The trouble is, I am  a fulltime mum and girlfriend and I work full [...]

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