Finding your Niche?

Finding your Niche?
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So you know that if you want to be successful in network marketing, you’re going to have to put yourself out there in the world and position yourself as a leader. Which is fine because you have the passion, the drive and the determination but hang on a minute….you have NO CLUE what your niche is.

If you cant work it out by thinking about your hobbies and pastimes and what makes you tick, you will probably come up against a brick wall sooner or later and that can be frustrating. For a long, long time I was staring this wall in the face. I was racking my brains trying to work out what it was that I was supposed to do. I have quite a few talents, singing, art, parenting, but none of these really blew me away and they just didn’t feel right.

I was aware that I had deep internal questions that I needed to answer before I got too far along in life and even better I knew that by answering these internal questions, I would be able to positively impact the quality of my life. And so I started a chapter in my life asking questions to my higher self.

And what I learnt from this, was that the more we learn about who we are, the more we can awaken up to out true selves. Ideas about what my Niche might be literally just started to arise from my consciousness - almost as if they had always been there. I also believe literally anyone who has an open mind and an open heart will also be able to do the same thing.

Which is why I am sharing this with you.

1.) INTENTION is very important, because everything starts with intention. Not just saying I want a new car or a new life, but getting deeper than that. Asking yourself the BIG questions….like what do I REALLY want in life? Who am I? How can I serve? As soon as you can identify your intention, doors will literally start opening for you.

2.)DAILY PRACTICE and PAYING ATTENTION: Once you have opened yourself up to these big questions you really need to spend time reaffirming to yourself what is it that you intend to do in life. Now this is easier said than done. Meditation and Yoga are fantastic ways in which you can use your time to concentrate on your intentions at a truly deep level….BUT what if you don’t have much time?

When I started out on my AWAKENING Journey. I literally was thinking about my INTENTION in the strangest of places…in the shower, drying my hair, in the car driving to work, in a lift, hanging the washing out. It was really strange, because there was a voice inside my head actually talking to me and (for the first time) I was actually LISTENING. When you start to have a two way conversation about what you want to achieve, that’s when you KNOW you are really PAYING ATTENTION.

When your soul yearns to do something in this world, it will keep presenting itself to you in these weird places. You will also start to notice that when you start to take action and take your intentions seriously, opportunities will start to present themselves all around you.

And when you start to understand what your Niche really is, you will need to start thinking about partnering up with a mentor. So whilst you are doing this inward process and getting to know yourself, you should also reach out to someone who is likeminded and has similar goals and who maybe a little further down the same road that you want to be on.

Start listening to your inner voice. It has been there all along, you just need to nurture it and keep its desire burning because your capable of GREAT GREAT THINGS.

Yours in Success,

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33 Responses to “Finding your Niche?”

  1. Steve-Personal Success Factors Says:

    Beth, I appreciate you sharing these practical yet profound steps to finding our passion, purpose, and niche/s. Awareness is so important, yet we often sleepwalk through life without doing the hard work of slowing down and developing this awareness.


  2. Rick Salas Says:

    Thanks for the guidance Beth. This is something for business builders to concentrate on. Doing something you’re good at and enjoy makes it easy to get a lot of work in. Hope you’re having a great day!

    Rick Salas
    Rick Salas´s last [type] ..Does Your Home Business Opportunity Meeting Give You Credibility How To Get Credibility In A Work From Home Business


  3. Joyce Penner Says:

    Once you start listening to those little voices confirmation comes at you from all sorts of different sources. An article, a video, a book you just happened to pick up. Amazing.
    Great post !
    Joyce Penner´s last [type] ..The biggest and best lesson I learned …


  4. David Merrill Says:

    We often take this for granted, Beth.

    Finding your niche is really just that.. finding it, not creating it.

    Each of us has strengths and interests… that’s where we’ll find our niche.
    David Merrill´s last [type] ..Can You Really Profit From Internet Marketing


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hi David,

    You are absolutely correct, we just have to remember what we are really good at and what our natural talents are.

    Beth :)


  5. Lynn Brown Says:

    Great insights here Beth! I appreciate you sharing your personal journey as it will help others to understand how important knowing your market niche is to your online business success.

    I have always believed that is takes the 3 D’s … Desire, Devotion and Determination to build your success in anything you do in life. If you are looking for the pushbutton, one click, rags to riches - it will not be found. Hard work, your imagination and consistency will be required.

    I especially liked your key tips: Intention and Daily Practice - great advice for all!
    Lynn Brown´s last [type] ..Link Building Best Practices for Better SEO


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    HEy Lynn,

    I agree with you 100percent. I still don’t understand why some people think success falls out of the sky or only happens to those who are lucky. I am so grateful to know the real alternative.

    Thank you for your comment
    BEth x


  6. Teresa Ivory Says:

    This post has me smiling! It’s so nice to hear that someone can talk about having a conversation with themselves and not feel self-conscious or be afraid people will think they’re nuts!

    Glad to hear you’re listening to yourself more and allowing yourself to lead the way and teach others to do the same. For some people it takes a long time to stop listening to everyone else and listen to their higher self or intuition. Congrats that you’re one of those who “got it” earlier in life.
    Teresa Ivory´s last [type] ..Success Stories- Karen Woolfall- Following Her Dreams


  7. Kareem Williams Says:

    Finding your niche is very very important. Without finding your niche you will not have anyway of being different for everyone else. thanks a million for this awesome post beth.
    Kareem Williams´s last [type] ..Blog Traffic Tips- Building Blog Traffic Is Easy If You Do It Right


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Your welcome, thanks for stopping by


  8. Social Media Vanessa Says:

    Hey Beth:

    Great post. You’re so right that finding your niche is vital and sometimes can take a long while. Not so much the niche online that will make you a living, but the niche of what your life is about that will make life worthwhile.

    I will definitely be taking some of your suggestions and putting them in to practice. I really need to get back to the meditation part of my life. Thanks for the reminder.

    Live with passion and purpose,
    Social Media Vanessa´s last [type] ..How To Build Rapport Through Email


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Hey Vanessa,

    So glad to have you here on my blog, I was wondering where you were. You are quite round about finding our niche in life as well. Our lives are so much more full-filling when we are living each day with true purpose and focus.

    Beth :)


  9. Steve Chasen Says:

    Indeed finding our own niche means ourselves where we should really be. Being true to ourselves is the key. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative post Beth.


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Thanks for your comment Steve


  10. jodi lee Says:

    Hi Beth,

    This is a great post. I find that it’s helpful to think about what OTHER people ask your advice on, or what they talk to you about. This can show you what you’re an expert on in the eyes of others. Also, I ask myself, when am I the happiest? That’s something to pay attention to.

    jodi lee´s last [type] ..Why Organic Is Not Sustainable


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Sure I never thought about that, people do ask certain questions, although by the same token, it is important to not get type-faced and be sure to let people know all your other skills too. Thank for stopping by Jodi. I appreciate your comment.

    Beth :)


  11. Tommy DiPietro | Social Networking With The MLM Blogger Says:

    Hey Beth,

    This is something I also struggled with for the longest time. Believe it or not, I finally picked a niche to start 2011.

    It made such a difference. It was such an awesome result when I picked a my niche and made some other changes my bounce rate went from 64% to around 16%.

    I now see the importance.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Tommy D.
    Tommy DiPietro | Social Networking With The MLM Blogger´s last [type] ..Facebook Power Tip Easy Squeezy Steps On How To Leverage Tagging and Sharing Your MLM Blog Content


    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    WOW Tommy, that is awesome…! You should write an article on that, people would be eager to know how you achieved that.


  12. Dan Johnson/ TSA Says:

    Great post Beth. Thanks for the great ideas on focusing on what your niche really is.


  13. Yasia Hagood Says:

    This article is so true. We must know our why or intentions. It is what will keep us motivated and focused in the tough times. However, as stated once you know your intentions you have to practice.


  14. Donnie Miller Says:

    Great list here Beth - I also like the part about “paying attention”. I have found that if you will just be “consistent” with the seemingly “small” things that it will bring “BIG” rewards!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Donnie
    Donnie Miller´s last [type] ..Twenty Tips For Guaranteed Email Marketing Success


  15. Roland Bonay Says:

    Hi Beth,

    I’ve been studying think and Grow Rich and it occurs to me that you’ve done a marvelous job of boiling everything down to the book’s main idea. You have to know what you want, focus on it and take action, and connect with a mastermind group. You will start taking notice of new opportunities that will lead you to whatever it is you are seeking.



    bethhewitt80 Reply:

    Wow, Roland what a great compliment. I haven’t even read that book lol…That is some great gift I have lol.


  16. Janette Stoll Says:

    This is a great list, Beth. I especially like daily practice and paying attention. If you’re serious about building your business you really have to think of it like going to work every day. Imagine if you treated work as coming as you please- you’d be fired. Even if you do just a couple things, do something for your business to move it forward daily. Daily practice is key to success.

    Great tips!



  17. Yasser Khan from Personal Development Online Says:

    Hi Beth!
    This is such a pertinent issue for us marketers on a daily basis, and virtually all of us wrestled with our inner-selves just to decide on a niche.

    I think soul searching brings out the right questions, and separates the important from the urgent. Only in answering them do we understand our cores, in a way the education system would never have let us.

    Yasser Khan@Personal Development Online´s last [type] ..Not Enough To Go Around Think Again


  18. tbaoo Says:

    i think that my odd blog has a life of it’s own and as such ranges across all sorts of niche (s). it seems that my efforts to pigeon hole the content into the right places, is fraught with danger .. ;)
    tbaoo´s last [type] ..a bit of daring do


  19. Gary Konowitz Says:

    I am a 66 year(young!) former real estate CPA. I am retired on total
    disabililty for the past 15 or so years, dealing with a deadly terminal
    illness that almost claimed me and that I still deal with on a daily

    In the 4th grade I knew I wanted to be a mathematician, which later
    turned to accounting and then to taxes, where the ability to be creative
    (at least in my case) was much greater. I enjoyed a long and fruitful
    life, dealing with many many clients, almost all of whom I had a long-
    term relationship if not friendship.

    My illness has put me in isolation, except for various therapies.
    Unfortunately, I am dealing with extreme lonliness, along with the desire/need to be productive and/or creative.

    My disability has put “golden handcuffs” on me in as much as that I
    cannot really do anything that would injure my policy, on which I live.
    This does not stop the fires that still burn inside of me.

    Hopefully, you can offer some assistance/direction in this admittedly
    somewhat unusual situation. Add to that my former New York City nature
    and you have a good picture!

    Whatever you can offer will be most assuredly be appreciated.

    Warmest Regards

    Gary Konowitz


  20. Robin Lynn Brooks Says:

    I know it’s there, it’s always been there. I thank you for sharing this with us. It is so easy to get caught up in life’s demands and circumstance to a point that we lose touch with our true self. I have lately been catching myself awakening in moments as you described. It is refreshing and exciting.

    Nice writing, I enjoyed this very much :)


  21. jean Says:

    thank you for a great post Beth,
    this post has really spoken to me
    I am still wondering what my Niche is,
    as I have a few talents too but none of them feel right
    .-= jean´s last blog ..‘How To Retweet’ =-.


  22. Jose H. Caraballo Says:

    I think that when we are searching for our niche. TRUE honesty is the best policy. Being true to ourselves and digging deep. I always like to teach that there is nobody that is more of an expert at being you than YOU. One we get that idea the rest is easy (easier at least)

    You have hit this subject right on the head and it is still something I am trying to master myself. Thanks!
    .-= Jose H. Caraballo´s last blog ..Financial Irresponsibility Can Be Expensive =-.


  23. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    I struggled and struggled with niche selection… thinking I needed to avoid what comes naturally because “it wont work here”. That was definitely incorrect thinking! It really took me taking my NATURAL gifts and applying them, giving forward, and watching that yes, this WILL work. I had to put some faith first!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..Safe Hex for WordPress, Why pre-v2.8.6 is BAD for Your Blogs Health! =-.


  24. Beth Allen Says:

    I completely agree ~ open heart and open mind leads to a soul on fire! This is a great post Beth ~ I love your blog and am really looking forward to learning about more of your passions and all the great information you have to share!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..Day 11 ~ Be World Class – Master the Fundamentals =-.


  25. Susan Davis Says:

    Great Beth! That inner voice is so important and if we can really pay attention to this voice and then take action the sky is the limit!


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